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    To Zen Studios,

    I've finished a game of Dread Nautical and enjoyed it quite a bit. But I started a second run to try and find all the tome pages and certain things (mostly involving the interface) are starting to wear on my enjoyment. I'd like to request a few things:

    1) Please guarantee at least one tome page somewhere whenever a level is generated if you haven't found all three for that deck yet. Running Deck 1 over and over again just to get the last page that refuses to spawn is infuriating and I can't imagine doing this for all 20 levels.

    2) Sorting through a long list of items after every mission to repair things is tedious. Can we get an option to sort according to damage taken at the workbench? Or perhaps a "repair all" option that just fixes everything that's damaged at once at the same percentage chance?

    3) Speaking of repairing, can we get the cost per point of repair included when you show an item's stats? This would be useful when trying to figure out the most cost-efficient way to deal with enemies.

    4) Having to scroll to a distant area that I want to backtrack to is annoyingly slow and wastes time while the threat level is increasing. Being able to click on an already explored room on the map and have the party path there would be nice.

    5) Can we get hotkeys for character selection? The interface makes it unreliable to click on the character himself (the game keeps thinking I want to move whoever's already selected) and I change characters often enough that it's annoying to keep moving the mouse cursor to the upper left and back.

    6) Speaking of erroneous moves, can we get an undo button for when all a character has done is walk somewhere?

    7) I don't know if this is common or if it's just me, but I seem to die to my own explosives way more than anything else. I select the weapon, use it and then try to move with it still selected, which ends up with me nuking myself. I've also misplaced traps this way as well. This is the main reason I don't dare play above normal difficulty. Can we get a confirmation pop-up whenever the player tries to use a trap or explosive (with an option to disable it for those who don't want it, of course)?

    8) I'd like some more granularity in rotating the view, please. I want to set it so that it's slightly off from the way the map is oriented, but the game insists on snapping it to 45-degree increments. If it has to snap, can we at least get 22.5-degree increments?

    Thanks for both your time and the game!