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Infinete Minigolf needs to be sorted out quick. Major issues !!!

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  • Infinete Minigolf needs to be sorted out quick. Major issues !!!

    I bought and downloaded Infinite Minigolf on PS4 2 hours ago.
    And from the outset..the game is good. BUT there are several major flaws with it that will make the player Base drop quickly if not adressed ,and that soon.

    1. Since this game have more features to it (powerups) than normal Minigolf there SHOULD be a tutorial implemented.
    In general VERY little is properly explained in this game. Where a minigolf game should be easy to pick up..This game has powerups..and buttons to do this and do that....making it,not just pick up and play,like most minigolf games.

    2.There should defenately be a choise to play the game with or without powerups,from start. The powerups have never been the reason why Minigolf is popular from the outset. It's the simplicity of the games that makes anyone able to play it.

    3. The fixed "free camera view" is a disaster. I mean. .seriously..WHO decided that having an overview with NO way of chose to have freelook at the course,was a good idea !!??
    Have you guys EVER seen a Golf game where the player is restricted to a certain view/views when exploring the layout of the Golf course ???
    Of course you have not.....
    When you are playing Minigolf its even more important to have full freedom to look,zoom in..out and in general get a GOOD idea of obstacles and corners or other hazards that might block/alter the balls movement.
    In this game you only get a kind of overview with some freedom to move the camera angle.

    4. Playing online against say..7 other players is no fun at all. Everybody just hit theire ball..and of they go. It's only when you yourself reach the hole that the score of all players are shown...
    No exitement or feeling of being in a competition....
    The way it should have been done is..that 1 player hit he's or her ball when it stops.. Then next one does the same. Then when all players have done it..the first player hit he's ball again. That way everybody can see how they fare against the others. Making it exiting and a competition.
    One have to have a say..15-20 sec time limit pr have a flow in the game.

    It's almost like the game have been made By people who have very little experience in making a game like this...
    And ends up with a half-baked game that have the basics but too many issues to realy be easy to pick up and fun.
    Why these issues was not sorted out be game testing is a mystery to me.
    And should,after reading my post be that to you too.

    I hope my post wil be of help to better this game and it needs to be done QUICK..or this game is gonna be deserted online and forgotten by PS4 users...

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    It's strange that the guy with issues with the Switch version gets a reply, while fthe issues I mentioned don't get replied to at all....

    Make me guess the developers are avare of all these issues and hope people still buy the game.....


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      Hey Rotravi, haven't you received my email? I think I sent it last Friday!

      We have taken your criticism to heart and talk about your points a lot with the developers since you posted them. The Switch version works pretty much the same like PS4 so you could voice your suggestions playing on that platform as well.

      Thanks for the detailed review and your opinions!


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        Hope for the future...

        Thank you for the reply. Yes I want the best for the game. But as I mentioned,these issues HAVE to be sorted quickly. And "if we can implement them" is Not an option. The game is in such a bad state regarding playability,that if I decided, i would pull it from being for sale and fix every issue and test it out on players before relaunching it again. I am very surprised that the game was launched in the state it is in. It's a "broken mess" realy. And not us users or your sales,income benefit from the state of things as of now.
        I tried playing a match against an online oponent. The problem was...the timer is way to short. In a say..4-8 player match...yes..there 10 seconds is enough. Even if 15 might be a bit less stressful. But against 1 player..and not knowing the layout of the become just a haphazard game of chanse. Remember..the lack of map or free view means there is no way or time to set up your shot right.
        Just stress and no fun. I gave up after 2 holes...

        So I do hope this game will be sorted out. AND tested properly thus time. No one have fun with how it is now....


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          If the developers look at the Youtube video : SPEEDY IS SO TRIGGERED ! Infinete minigolf they will understand the confusing and not well explained way the game works... "what is that ?"..."how do i get out of here" comments. Balls flying out of bounds and in general a trail and error kind of experience. Instead of just having fun with the game...


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            Hi "the guy with the Switzch version" here.

            Let me first tell you, that I can fully understand your criticism, but let me give you the tip that it might be easier to get answers and help if you work on your tone. I am not saying that you are completely out of line, I only sense that I myself would have problems wanting to give you answers, but then, I am just a player, maybe the professionals can handle that better ;-)

            That off the table, I agree with the free camera thing, there are positions where it is hard to look at all of the course, which is annoying and makes that course a luck-based job, hit the ball and see where it lands, which can still be a hole in one as I found out yesterday LOL

            I also think that it would be great to have some online help, or an electronic manual added to the software. BUT I googled when I got stuck in course creation and found the answer pretty quickly, so maybe you can try that too.

            Now here are a few points I would like to add (if there is a seperate thread for fixes and suggestions, let me know, I'll repost there):

            - On the follow-up strokes it would be nice to either have a straight to the flag view or at least an option to see where the flag is (aka: the hole ;-))

            - In the course creator I had some problems with the view as well, mainly when I was using parts that go up or down, it is very hard to tell which parts can be connected and then connect them, maybe I did something wrong and no fix is neccessary.

            OK, so now I try to remember this forum, looks like a good place to be and hopefully we all get the great game even better with time


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              It is as I feared...

              I decided to start the game up and try to play online. Not possible to find players online at all. Not 1vs1 or as Tournament 4-8.
              It's dead online. I feared this when I discovered the state the game was in from start and then wrote that the issues had to be sorted out quickly.
              Unfortunately no update has been released and the game is dead for online play in general.

              Pitty it ended this way with a game that could and should have been fun and popular.
              Instead it is a bad done job and money wasted for us customers.


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                Hey dude, calm down. I´m sure Zen is working on that with high pressure and the next update will eliminate several failures which may depend on a release which came too early. It´s a bit annoying, yes - but mistakes can happen. And if you take a look on all the pinball games Zen created, you shall come to the point that they (without much doubt) won´t leave the game like it is. And if it takes the time to finish a version which works properly, it´s better than releasing an update which still has more than enough bugs left to fix!


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                  I know this is way late, but my few thoughts....

                  1. The game does explain how to use the powerups while unlocking the courses, but I agree in that if you blink, you'll miss it.
                  Some sort of reference instructions in the pause menu would be useful.

                  2. Not the biggest fan of powerups myself, but they do add a lot more options and play-ability to the game/courses.
                  FWIW, the only other mini-golf game I've ever played - think it was Adventure Mini-Golf, on the XBox 360 - had them too.

                  4. Haven't done online multiplayer yet, but if I'm understanding you correctly, everyone going simultaneously is a good thing. No copying.
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