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Issue with speed areas

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  • Issue with speed areas

    I found a major problem. When you have this patches that give you speed when the ball passes them...if you dont manage to go up the hill,and you roll down back towards the speed patches again,then the ball won't stop. It just bounces back and forth between trying to go up the hill and back again. Never stopping so I can have another shot.

    I must believe that this game have not been tested properly by the developers. Sure..we needed a Mini Golf game on PS4 and after seeing the trailer, I was exited to finaly get one on the PS4.
    Now after posting about this issue and some other major ones it's clear to see that it have not been tested out properly before release and that way diminish sales and probably the user Base for future online play.
    As I mentioned..these issues needs to be sorted out quick to salvage the game.
    It surprises me quiet a lot that Zen Studios who are the best at making Pinball games, have not managed to iron out all these problems I found out within 2 hours of play.
    I hope it will be solved now..and quick. ..
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