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stuck at lvl 11 - creator star

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  • stuck at lvl 11 - creator star

    I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get past lvl 11. I am stuck at the "creator" star that wants me to create and share a hole. I have done that over and over and I am still not getting credit. I hate this star in general because I want to play the game not create it and now I can't even advance my level. Any help on this would be appreciated. I cannot find the answer anywhere in google so I must be the only idiot out there that can't figure this out.

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    Did you check if your created hole is really shared? You can check it in the hole browser (or course browser? sorry, have the german version), you can let yourself show the holes you created.

    I received this star without a problem, my girlfriend too...but I guess you´re not an idiot and this "problem" can be solved ;-)


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      yes. I have. I even have the achievement for it which is what is frustrating. I have created and shared about 5 holes since trying to get it to work. People have voted on it because I received an achievement for that as well. I did double check though to make sure my courses are shared and it does show 5 of them. they are all horrible, but shared. hate that this game forces uncreative people like me to create holes. especially to advance levels.

      the only thing I know to do is erase my save file and start over and hope it fixes itself the second time around. I am trying to avoid that though. I really like this game but have no reason to keep playing it if I can't advance. Super frustrating to me.
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        I deleted my save file and started fresh. wish me luck to lvl 12


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          Go Cutler! Go Cutler!


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            Originally posted by dunkeldoof
            Go Cutler! Go Cutler!
            well I finally got back to level 11 and created a course and it worked this time so I can finally advance to level 12. weird bug. it was frustrating.


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              stuck at lvl 11 creator star

              hello dunno what happend but after rebirth im stuck at lvl 20 with 1 mp cant use any skill and cannot even lvl up ive try many time but nothing.... plz help me find out
              char name is Lauranthalasa

              tnx in advance