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Multiple Profiles for Local Match? (Xbox One)

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  • Multiple Profiles for Local Match? (Xbox One)

    I, of course, have my own profile. But I have one set up for my daughter also, so she can save her own games, avatars, achievements, etc.

    Is it possible to get her profile logged in also when we play a local a match against each other? So far it appears that we can only access one, so she can't level up, design her avatar, etc.

    On a related note, is it possible to rate generated courses during a local match? I can do so in a solo match, but can't figure out how in local multiplayer.

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    I just wanted voice my support for this too. My wife and I would like to play on the same Xbox with each of our accounts logged in instead of having to play online on two separate Xboxes in different rooms.


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      Multiple profiles for local multiplayer

      I agree this is a must as my wife and myself would both like to be able to upgrade our players.


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        This isn't possible? I just got the game and thought I had missed how to do that...
        How can this option not be in the game already? Come on Zen get on it!


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          sadly that's a restriction by the system. We'd also like to add this feature but it's not possible due to the software of Xbox.
          Sorry about this.


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            Just got this game, and it's a big disappointment that you have not added this feature. Other games on Xbox One allow this, and have allowed this since the early days of XBO. I'm unsure of the specifics, maybe you can't have two 'active' profiles, but on other games when a second player signs into the Xbox One, the game recognizes this and rewards them appropriately. It is absolutely possible.


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              Hey uwusublime! Thanks for your question! Unfortunately we cannot provide this feature at the moment. Sorry about that!