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Single controller on XBox - really??

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  • Single controller on XBox - really??

    We got a craving for some console minigolf, so we installed IMG on our XBox One.

    How did this game ever make it out of beta? I'm a software engineer myself and I'm embarrassed for you.

    We wanted to play two-player. Both controllers were active in the menus where we chose our characters, yet only a single controller was active during gameplay. Why?? This led to confusion and wasted time as we restarted the game, restarted the XBox, tried different accounts, etc., trying to figure out why the second controller was "dead" on the course.

    After a quick Google search, I find that we have to pass the controller back and forth. This leads to the second problem - if you accidentally nudge the right thumbstick, you get an inadvertent putt and you wasted your turn. Turning down the controller sensitivity helped with gameplay but didn't solve this problem.

    Another oddity was when the ball goes into a hazard bush, the camera immediately snaps back to the next player's turn. If you blink (or you're joking around with your buddy), you miss it. This also led to some "wtf" moments. It would help to have a more prolonged chomping sound, a belch, zoom the camera in on the hazard spot, etc.

    We gave up on the game after two holes. This game was so close, yet so far away.

    Hoping for some fixes...