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Beat Your Music music import assistance

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    i think this is kinda of topic but can anyone help me how to edit the songs?like on BPM, Beat start and variance? im still new to the game and just unlocked the beat your music..if some of you are kind enough can you please tell me the settings for the song "Stop Biting- by Chicosci and some songs from A day to remember, linkin park and limp bizkit.. thanks in advance


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      Songs question

      First time I played it and I'm loving it!! Finished the story (Lee's version) and unlocked the mode to play with my songs. Could anybody know which BPM or stats I should use for the mortal Kombat song (Techno Syndrome) by The Immortals and Remember the name by Fort Minor be? I searched for the BPM's for them on google but the enemies go off beat and slow at times. Thanks in advance!


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        Just starting back on my Vita with the Steam release getting me excited, and I tried getting 5 songs in. None working well. I know their BPMs, but have no clue how to measure the beat start time! I believe every tenth or even hundredth of a second there could make or break a beat!

        The following are the song titles, with BPM I found in brackets (may not be correct) and their links (just to make sure we have the same track length and therefore beat start time):

        1) Revive (143) -
        2) Work B*tch (128) -
        3) Everytime We Touch (142) -
        3) Acapella (170) -


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          problem in beat your music

          I imported songs to the game on PS3 (MP3, 44.1) but when I start the game there is no music, in the BPM section the song plays fine but when starting the game is where the music does not play. Can someone help me solve this???
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