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    Track Name: Mama Said Knock You Out [feat. Tech N9ne]
    Artist Name: Five Finger Death Punch
    Variance: 0
    Beat Start: 0.089
    BPM: 103.005

    There's some really good sync here for the slow-mo moments, and it's probably my favorite song that I've imported so far.


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      Well apparently a new song is popular on the internet
      This is both an I'm sorry and a You're welcome
      The song is both addicting and awesome

      Song Link:
      Youtube to mp3:

      Track Name: The Fox
      Artist Name: Ylvis
      Variance: 3
      Beat Start: 0.31
      BPM: 128

      Created and Tested on the Vita on Normal/Hard
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        Originally posted by Kolma
        Om nom nom
        I hate you.

        Yet I love you.

        Let's make babies.


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          Hi guys,

          Let's check this song on KickBeat :

          Track :4h30
          Artist : DANGER
          Preview of the song on Youtube :
          Variance : 4
          Beat Start : 0,169
          BPM : 129.023
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            Originally posted by Nmacipad
            Hi guys,

            Let's check this song on KickBeat :

            4h30 by DANGER :

            Already check on KB and it´s perfect with good beats !
            The purpose of this thread is to provide the Kickbeat details on the song so that we can quickly plug it in and get playing.


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              Originally posted by Kolma
              The purpose of this thread is to provide the Kickbeat details on the song so that we can quickly plug it in and get playing.
              Woops, sorry updated


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                Originally posted by Kolma
                Well apparently a new song is popular on the internet
                This is both an I'm sorry and a You're welcome
                The song is both addicting and awesome
                Wow, this song just exploded over the past couple days. Nice video and thanks for sharing!


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                  Another song

                  Here is one that worked pretty well for me.

                  Artist : Muse
                  Track name : Stockholm Syndrome
                  Album: Absolution
                  Track Length: 4:58
                  Variance: i used 1
                  Beat start: 0.198
                  Bpm: 128.242 - seems right, only seemed odd at the last two enemies at the very end.

                  Feel free to tweak.


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                    A few I've played with and am happy with how they turned out in game.

                    Track Name: Sail -AWOLNATION
                    Artist Name: Unlimited Gravity
                    Variance: 0
                    Beat Start: 0.015
                    BPM: 75

                    Track Name: I Fink You Freeky
                    Artist Name: Die Antwoord
                    Variance: 5
                    Beat Start: 0.092
                    BPM: 132

                    Track Name: Comin in Hot
                    Artist Name: Hollywood Undead
                    Variance: 0
                    Beat Start: 0.146
                    BPM: 96

                    Track Name: Bullet
                    Artist Name: Hollywood Undead
                    Variance: 0
                    Beat Start: 0.391
                    BPM: 91

                    Track Name: Remote Controller
                    Artist Name: Len and Rin Kagamine
                    Variance: 2
                    Beat Start: 0.082
                    BPM: 165

                    Track Name: Professional Griefers
                    Artist Name: Deadmau5
                    Variance: 3 (All of these were ok, didn't find one I really preferred over the other, but 0, 2, and 3 were at the top for me)
                    Beat Start: 0.045
                    BPM: 128

                    Track Name: Still Counting
                    Artist Name: Volbeat
                    Variance: 2
                    Beat Start: 0.08
                    BPM: 97


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                      Thanks for sharing, Lucky Streak! I'm gonna give Die Antwoord a go this weekend. And I bet Enter the Ninja would be a pretty good thematic fit if I play as the unlockable ninja guy...

                      In the meantime, here's some German:

                      Track Name: Ich Will (3:37)
                      Artist: Rammstein
                      Variance: 5
                      Beat Start: 0.323
                      BPM: 128.142
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                        Worked with the importer some more. This is pretty addictive. Found a couple of things that can help in refining the import as well.

                        Song: Battle Without Honor or Humanity (aka Kill Bill fight song)
                        Artist: Tomoyasu Hotei
                        Album: Electric Samurai
                        Track Length : 2:31
                        Start Time: 0.186
                        BPM: 94.781
                        Variance: 4

                        Song: Crazy
                        Artist: Gnarls Barkley
                        Album: St. Elsewhere
                        Track Length: 2:58
                        Start time: 0 (!)
                        BPM: 112
                        Variance: 0
                        Comments: Fairly easy song, good for racking up points / making sure sync on the television is working right.

                        Song: 1985
                        Artist: Bowling for Soup
                        Album: A Hangover You Don't Deserve
                        Track Length: 3:13
                        Beat Start: 0.374
                        BPM: 120
                        Variance: 0
                        Comments: Surprisingly, times extremely well - the stops all time at exactly the right points.

                        The Tokyo Rooftops or Sphere stages can help you in refining the exact timing of the track. Since the floor of the Tokyo Rooftops, and practically the entire Sphere stage, pulses in time with the track, you can see the timing of the beat very easily, which allows you to make the necessary adjustments to get the timing synchronized correctly.

                        Additionally, the steadier the BPM of the song, the more the importer seems to like it. Too many time signature changes and the whole thing seems to mess up, so bear that in mind when working with it.
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                          I haaaave to share this!

                          Track name: The Fox (Simba bootleg remix)
                          Artist: Ylvis (remixed by Dj Simba)
                          Variance: mine is at 4
                          Beat Start: 0.05
                          BPM: 134

                          It's so funny yet awesome at the sametime!


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                            Thanks for sharing all !


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                              Got some more for ya!

                              (I make no claims to how much you'll enjoy these, but I didn't find that they felt "off" really, except for the songs that have outros with no beat, or other weird areas where you have action with no accompanying beat.)

                              Song: White Zombie
                              Artist: Thunder Kiss '65
                              Variance: 4
                              Beat Start: 0.44
                              BPM: 112.6

                              Song: Bangarang
                              Artist: Skrillex ft. Sirah
                              Length: 3:35 (Bangarang EP version)
                              Variance: 0
                              Beat Start: 0.482
                              BPM: 110

                              Song: Right On Time (Original Mix)
                              Artist: Skrillex
                              Length: 4:05 (Bangarang EP version)
                              Variance: 5
                              Beat Start: 0.352
                              BPM: 141

                              Song: Fatty Boom Boom
                              Artist: Die Antwoord
                              Variance: 3
                              Beat Start: 0.1
                              BPM: 94

                              Song: I Wish I Had an Angel
                              Artist: Nightwish
                              Variance: 2
                              Beat Start: 0.312
                              BPM: 162

                              Song: Bully
                              Artist: Liquid Stranger
                              Variance: 0
                              Beat Start: 0.426
                              BPM: 140
                              (This one works surprisingly well!)

                              Song: Radioactive
                              Artist: Imagine Dragons
                              Variance: 0
                              Beat Start: 0.224
                              BPM: 68.3


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                                Okay guys, I'm finally getting around to playing this after being out of town for a few weeks. I have to say that once I was able to find the correct BPM by using a quick Google search I enjoyed the Beat Your Music feature much more. I'm still playing around with it but here's some decent stuff I've put together so far. Any advice is appreciated. And if you don't enjoy playing to the first song I listed then you are either really young or there's just something wrong with you. It's my favorite by far And You're Going Down is perfect. Like it was written for the game.

                                Song: You're the Best
                                Artist: Joe 'Bean' Esposito
                                Beat Start: .45
                                BPM: 94

                                Song: You're Going Down
                                Artist: Sick Puppies
                                Beat Start: .042
                                BPM: 90.437

                                Song: I Need Your Love
                                Artist: Ellie Goulding ft. Calvin Harris
                                Beat Start: .30
                                BPM: 62.825

                                Song: Firestarter
                                Artist: Prodigy
                                Beat Start: .468
                                BPM: 70.754

                                Song: Headstrong
                                Artist: Trapt
                                Beat Start: .119
                                BPM: 92.157

                                Song: Fight for your Right
                                Artist: Beastie Boys
                                Beat Start: .889
                                BPM: 66.827

                                Song: Another One Bites the Dust
                                Artist: Queen
                                Beat Start: 0
                                BPM: 110

                                Song: Feuer Frei
                                Artist: Rammstein
                                Beat Start: .3
                                BPM: 190.34

                                Song: Killing in the Name of
                                Artist: Rage Against the Machine
                                Beat Start: .15
                                BPM: 123

                                Song: Battery
                                Artist: Metallica
                                Beat Start: 0
                                BPM: 96.4
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