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  • Favorite Track/Level

    Blue Stahli's ULTRAnumb on the Tokyo rooftops for me.

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    Can't beat Celldweller!

    Out of all the amazing tracks on this game, I'd have to say Celldweller's 'Switchback' is at the top of my list. This game's OST really blew me away. I expected a bunch of dance-oriented songs but instead I got electronic rock/metal which is fine with me! Tokyo Rooftops is my fav as well.


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      i love the game so far, my favorite tracks are... pretty much all, except for maybe war dance.
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        Favorite track... Pre-Hype Fight - It's Going Down and Voicians - The Construct

        Favorite level... Tokyo Rooftop and Sphere


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          Absolutely hands down The Monastery for what level and Voicians "The Construct" for the track. Monastery is visually easy to play on while looking nice, and every chart for The Construct is fantastic fun, and upon hearing the song I've immediately bought the album and had it on repeat.
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            My favourite tracks are: Shen Yi - War Dance, Marilyn Manson - Beautiful People, Celldweller - Switchback
            Favourite Level: The Sphere


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              I have to say monastery is my favourite and i love the pendulum and celdweller tracks


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                Propane Nightmares... Probably because it's longest, hardest and most rewarding track. Getting it as bonus track in Survival always makes me happy
                But other tracks are cool too, the only one that I dislike is Tug-O-War. When I was trying to get achievement for Survival it was my 10th track 2 times in a row. And guess what? I failed both times (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

                Level... Monastery. Looks nice and it's easy to play on it. Sphere and Dance Club are the most beautiful ones (especially on the gorgeous OLED screen), but it's hard to track enemies. Tokyo rooftops is similar to them. Wrestling Arena and Turkish Bath are less appealing but the easiest to play on.

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