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  • Your Own List of Soundtrack

    Hi guys,

    i'm new to the zen studio universe and i love playing KickBeat on my PS Vita (thx again Zen Studio)

    I made this topic for those who want refer their own list of Soundtrack in the game.

    To start here is my own list of sountrack

    - Jam by Micheal Jackson
    - Derezzed by Daft Punk
    - New Lands (Sebastian Remix)
    - Liquid State by Muse
    - Get Lucky (Daft Punk Remix)
    - 4H30 by DANGER
    - Run Boy Run by Woodkid (Tepyr remix)
    - OddLook by Kavinsky (feat the Weekend)
    - Final Showdown (Rayman Origins soundtrack)
    - Call your name (Attack on the Titan soundtrack)

    Here we go, more soon, please share yours !

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    Welcome!! Glad to see you're getting so much enjoyment from KickBeat!


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      Originally posted by BarbieBobomb View Post
      Welcome!! Glad to see you're getting so much enjoyment from KickBeat!
      Yeah this game is absolutely fabulous (perfect on the go for Vita) I'm looking forward the EU release. I know many people around me plan to buy it day one ! (Some of are not fan to rythmn game at all but want it thanks to action part) You got me with this game because i love rythmn game but also fighting game a lot !


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        Just bought this game today and unlocked Beat Your Music.
        My playlist so far:

        - Around the World (Brent Young Remix) by Atlas Plug
        - Wild West by The Prodigy
        - Atomic by she
        - Headshot by she
        - supersonic by she
        - kicks by she
        - In Time by she


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          Thanks for sharing, i will look foward for She songs


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            My Current Playlist

            I haven't added every song possible, but here are the tracks currently in my cuastom playlist:

            Deathstars- Blitzkrieg
            Accept- Aiming High
            Dethklok- The Cyborg Slayers
            Dokken- Dream Warriors
            Drist- Pollute the Souns
            Drist- Cataracts
            Drist- The Scalpel
            The Duskfall- Shoot it In
            Firewind- Breaking the Silence
            FFX OST- Otherworld
            Godsmack- Voodoo
            Hironobu Kageyama- Dragon Power Infinity
            Information Society- Ozar Midrashim (Soul Reaver theme)
            Jungle Rot- Born of Contagion
            Scorpions- 3,2,1
            Kamelot- Karma
            Lacrimas Profundere- A Pearl
            Lacrimas Profundere- My Velvet Little Darkness
            Lacrimas Profundere- To Love Her on Knees
            Lordi- Would You Love a Monsterman?
            Rammstein- Mann Gegen Mann
            Rammstein- Engel
            Hidenori Shoji- Anything (Check out the Yakuza series. It's great!)


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              There's a Dethklok reference in the list of story cutscenes.


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                Originally posted by solitude View Post
                there's a dethklok reference in the list of story cutscenes.

                i must find it!
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