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  • please update Visualizer

    I want to just sit back and watch the visuals being played with the music from my library, not the default tracks. Since its release no one has developed a music Visualizer for the PS vitas in the US, until now. Thank you Zen devs.

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    I agree. The Visualizer should be for custom tracks too, and I can think of other improvements to the presentation as well.
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      WTF is Visualizer?

      Sorry for the dumb question, but what is Visualizer? A mode where you just listen to the music, while Lee defeats the fighters?

      Amúgy Soltitude, te magyar vagy?


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        Yep, just a little unlockable mode, but I think it would be useful for testing BYM tracks as well (if it supported them). Hopefully we can add that functionality at some point.

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