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    I just thought I'd bring you some feedback on the game. Before I bought the game, I first downloaded the demo to see what it was like. I normally steer clear from music games - the only one I had played previously was a game called Lumines Electronic Symphony, which is more like a puzzle game than a music one.

    After played the demo, I must say I very nearly didn't buy the game - the only reason I did so in the end was it was made by Zen. The level that was included was very difficult, even on the easiest difficulty setting, and I never did beat it. I fear that I might not be the only one that felt the same, particularly with relative newcomers to the genre like me.

    The choice of song for the demo was also very odd (for those who bought it without playing the demo, the song was The Construct). I just found it very strange that you chose the song that would be used in the final boss of the game (although the level itself was in the Monastery with standard enemies).

    So maybe what I would say is for next time when you make a game, my suggestion is to choose an easier level to use for the demo, just so that it doesn't scare off potential buyers.

    I did buy the game in the end and I have enjoyed it, tons of replay value, and I just about beat the game in Normal setting (Hard is just a bit too difficult for me at the moment), even though the songs are not really my choice of music. I can only hope that the demo doesn't put too many people off from buying this fine game.
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    Yes, we agree.


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      Wait, Construct was the demo song? Color me a little surprised as well. If anything I would have wagered "Blue Stahli - Takedown" would have been used. Song brings the hype, plus very much on beat and easy for people that might not be music game players to get a better handle on. My thoughts for what they're worth.
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        It's a lot more expensive to license music if you want the rights for unlimited distribution (like in a free demo). But we should have either used "Fighters" or made an easier version specifically for the demo.


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          Conversely, the demo was what convinced me to buy the game. I don't normally drop $10+ on a game I've never heard of, but I downloaded the demo on a whim. The song (The Construct) was awesome, and the fighting mechanics were tight. I didn't have much of a problem with the difficulty, but I also have more rhythm game experience than most.


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            I bought it when i saw you could generate your tracks

            Yeah , i said on the title Oh and also because i really liked the demo