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    I'm getting ready to try and buckle down and practice for the Pure Perfection trophy... I think, just maybe, it might be within reach. A few things I'm curious about (so I don't waste my time doing stupid things):

    -The trophy description says "only perfect hits", not "all perfect hits". Am I allowed to get misses (as in, I don't push the button at all), as long as I don't get great or good?

    -Will using shockwaves/shields negate my chances of getting the trophy?

    -Do I have to do it in story mode, or is free play OK?

    -What's a good song to do for this? I was thinking The Construct, because I love that song and I'm pretty good at it. Failing that, maybe Beautiful People, Scum of the Earth, or maybe War Dance because it's so short.

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    I've done it on Blue Stahli - Takedown. It's slow and beat is constant...
    Can't say anything about the rest, since I've done it in story mode (Takedown is on Wrestling arena which is pretty good anyway).

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      I don't know about shockwaves but my guess is that will negate it. They would be enemies you didn't get a perfect hit on. It does have to be done on a story level though.

      I advise The Construct. It's supremely on beat as far as the sync is concerned, and there's only two notes that aren't 8th notes, so it's extremely straight forward.
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        Thanks for the advice. I'm probably going to stick with The Construct, because I just hate Takedown - it's my second least favorite song in the game. I tried it out, and I can see why you'd say it's easy though. Guess that'll be my backup plan.


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          According to Chris, the team lead, you can't miss, and you can't use powerups. But you can play in either Story or Free Play.


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            Thanks for the heads up... I'd hate to finally do it, and then have it not count because I used a shockwave.

            Right now I'm going back and forth between Takedown and The Construct.... not sure if I'll ever be able to do this. But I'll keep trying!


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              I can recommend Takedown as well. Took me quite a bit to nail, but now i got it down twice (PS3 and Vita)
              I'm going down was my backup song though


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                stick to shen yi war dance its easy

                just stick to it..[/I]


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                  Yeah. Shen Yi Ward Dance is quite easy, and short. The only hard part is, where the blues start ambushing you, but after that, it should be easy.