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KickBeat immediately crashes to desktop.

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  • KickBeat immediately crashes to desktop.

    I don't get what's going on here. As soon as the executable launches, Windows 7 reports that it has an error and needs to close.

    I have no information beyond that.

    As for executable launching - by that, I mean when I try to play the game. As soon as I click the play button on Steam, as soon as I double-click the .exe file in the game files, etc...

    I'm fairly sure it's because I don't have the latest $renderer. Which rendering system (i.e. DirectX, openGL) are you using? I'd assume DirectX if Steam didn't bundle it with every single one of their games.
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    You'll need to disable DEP for the KickBeat executable. See:


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      KickBeat immediately crashes to desktop. (UPDATE ON 1/22)

      One step further, sort of!

      Launching outside Steam:

      I now get a dialog box that says:

      Runtime Error!


      This program has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
      Please contact the application's support team for more information.

      "C:\Progr..." is not a typo, that's how the error box shows it. For simplification, we can ignore that particular detail.

      Clicking [OK] here shows me the KickBeat has crashed error message I've explained before, but now I have an option to debug the program [attaching VS1020 debugger to it - won't work without the symbols]

      Launching inside Steam:

      [Almost] No change. Still immediate "KickBeat has crashed".

      However, I can now choose to debug the program [attaching VS2010 debugger to it - won't work without the symbols]


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        KickBeat no longer crashes to desktop!

        Problem solved!

        KickBeat generated a 0 bytes big settings.cfg when I was launching it with DEP turned on. Deleting the settings.cfg fixed it!


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          Glad it's working for you now!


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            try messaging the playstation forum..they will help you recover your account!
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              KickBeat immediately crashes to desktop.

              no idea but I think, except maybe not meeting minimum hardware requirements or driver issues, but for the boss fight, you just need to hit the Chi activation button when your blue (Chi) meter flashes.
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