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Some last-minute next gen Kickbeat ideas

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  • Some last-minute next gen Kickbeat ideas

    This might be too late, but I have a couple of ideas on what I'd like to see in the PS4 and Xbox One versions that I haven't seen in the PS3 version. Not a very long list, as I have just a couple of ideas. The big two for me would be:

    1. The ability to play story missions as any character in any costume. Trophy and achievement hunters will spend a VERY long time in story mode trying to get some of these trophies, especially "pure perfection", so being able to pick a character and costume in story mode after clearing it is JUST as important as these options in any other mode.

    2. The ability to upload your "beat your own music" tracks and your settings for that song. The community should be able to also rate those by how well they are done. This would give the game more lasting appeal for those who aren't absolutely obsessed with this game like me.

    Anybody else have any thoughts?

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    1. I didn't spent much time in Story Mode. You don't have to play in it for the hardest achievements. The only difference are boss fights (and in boss fights you get much lower score), so I don't really see any reason to return to Story Mode.
    Also you can get Pure Perfection in Free Play mode.

    I have lots of suggestions (the most important ones are higher difficulty modes, like nightcore/2x mode and 1 hit death in Survival), but, well... Probably they are too niche.

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      Thanks for the suggestions! Feel free to share yours as well, Vivan, you never know


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        Originally posted by vivan
        Also you can get Pure Perfection in Free Play mode.
        Really? The trophy says "story track" so I assumed it had to be in story mode. Well, I'd still like that option simply cause I enjoy kicking missiles, but maybe that's just me.


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          Yeah, I thought the same but
          Originally posted by Solitude
          According to Chris, the team lead, you can't miss, and you can't use powerups. But you can play in either Story or Free Play.

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