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  • How to get beat start

    Hey, I'm having some issues with the BYM stuff on the Vita. I've got a BPM calculator on my computer and I can input what it has for all my music tracks, but it doesn't have - nor can I find - any way to calculate the beat start. When I use the in-game calculator, I often get a different number - sometimes radically so - for BPM than my calculator is coming up with, and other times it's spot-on, so I'm not exactly sure where I'm messing up with the in-game calculator on some of these. Either way, in those cases I tend to want to trust the one on my computer (I can usually tell by listening that the in-game one is off) and would like to just enter them in instead of using the in-game one every time, but I'm left with no clue what the Beat Start is when I do that.
    Is there any way to get/calculate that aside from using the in-game calculator? I've tried using it to get the beat start and then just changing the BPM to what my other calculator says if it's notably off, but that just throws the whole thing off.

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    It's not easy.

    Here's how I get both values:

    BPM - I do the in-game calculator to get it close. I google the song name plus bpm to see if it's known, also. Then I preview the song and listen for the song beats relative to the metronome sound. Are the sounds getting closer together over time, or further apart? Or staying the same? If their relative position is changing, then I adjust the bpm until it's the same.

    Beat Start - I start with the calculator value. Once I know the BPM is correct as above, then I begin adjusting beat start. If the metronome sound is always after the song beat, then I reduce the beat start. If it's always before the song beat, then I increase the beat start. I usually start out adjusting it 0.1 at a time, previewing, and then adjusting again. Eventually, I make finer adjustments as I get close.


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      How to get beat start

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