I am on the Xbox One version of the game.

One of Kela's passive abilities that i really like says "gain 10% energy whenever you use a basic skill". However, when i used the "Defend" basic skill, i only gained back 8% of my energy (I had a lot when i did it), which i assume means that for "Defend", you will not get the additional 10% energy. I ASSUMED that the way this would work is that you would get whatever Energy points from the "Defend" skill PLUS the 10%, making this really good right?! but maybe that is unbalanced, in which case the developers decided to only have it give 10% energy when you attack with melee or ranged basic attack. This is def a nitpick and not a big deal though! If the passive skill was worded "basic attack" instead of "basic ability" it would fix the issue.

I love this game!