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Evasion vs. Defense vs. Block

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  • Evasion vs. Defense vs. Block

    I just saw a hint that read, "Melee attacks are vulnerable to high ratings for Evasion, Defense, and Block."

    This is confusing, as i seem to remember a different hint that stated that evasion is specific to ranged attacks. What exactly is the deal with these three stats? I ASSUMED that evasion was how u defend against ranged attacks, and Defense was how u defend against melee attacks, and maybe "Block" is defense against both types, as i've seen in game that my character "blocked" an arrow coming at him. is one of these three things working vs BOTH types of attacks? Super confusing. also, another hint says "High ratings on Defense, Evasion, and Block do not do anything against spells, but spells can be resisted." so having a high Defense rating will do nothing vs fire coming at me? this seems kind of odd, but i just want to understand what exactly these three different things apply to. Thanks!