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Problems The Greatest Forest and reka tomb

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  • Problems The Greatest Forest and reka tomb

    Hi mates,

    where i can find the hammer? i didnt see that artifact.

    I have problems with others places like

    Name: reka tomb.jpg
    reka tomb.jpg i cant cross to the other side.

    Name: reka tomb2.jpg
    reka tomb2.jpg i cant cross.

    Name: cave great forest door.jpg
    cave great forest door.jpg where is the key? i have 97% map resolve.

    Name: cave great forest 2.jpg
    cave great forest 2.jpg i cant cross.

    I dont nkow if i have a bug but i dont see hammer artifact.

    thanks mates.

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    Don't worry - you will find artifact items later in the game (like the magic shovel you already have) that will allow u access to these secret areas! you will be able to fast travel back, later.



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      i didnt loot key for cave door