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Great game but sad commentary on the state of the industry...

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  • MrSHovel
    I totally agree!

    When I'm stuck I come here to see if it might be a bug because I've been stung before on other games and wasted hours on an impossible situation.

    This sort of thinking is a disservice to the developers of this game, I'm 20 Hours in, loving the game and no bugs so far.

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  • Great game but sad commentary on the state of the industry...

    I just finished the game and it was fantastic. The type and content of the game aside, the quality was/is outstanding. And that's the point I'd like to make...

    I noticed that a lot of the questions from the players include "is it a bug?". This is no slight to the players I get it...and that's the point...

    I've been a gamer since 1980 and unfortunately we're at a time that when we get stuck with a puzzle, for example, we have to ask ourselves "is this a bug?"

    That never used to be the case. We used to assume quality and looked to ourselves for the answer.

    Yes, I believe there were a couple of instances where there was a bug in Operencia but almost every instance of "I'm stuck, is it a bug?" was the player.

    Again, kudos to the developers.