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3rd KEY for copperforest... i have no clue ... help pls

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  • d4muh
    i found that key in the water.... omg.. thx anyway

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  • d4muh
    thx for help, i think u mean the key behind the 3rd door. thats the last one, yeah, but i need the key one door earlier.

    look at my picutre. i stack there and i dont know what is going on now... i am sure, that i got the key in the treasure near the house in the middle of the map, and i got a key (firekey?) where i had to melt the copper.....
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  • DawnrazorDCLXVI
    The second key you dig up using the shovel in the copper forest. The third key is immediately behind you as soon as you walk through the first two doors, it is hidden above the second door, and behind you, in a very obvious spot.

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  • 3rd KEY for copperforest... i have no clue ... help pls

    Hey guys,
    i like the game, but i cant find or create the 3rd key.. i already open the first and second one, and i know where to find the 4th key because i watched Walkthroughs for that quest.... the funny thing is: i dont know how to get the 3rd key and its frustrating... not even the walkthrough can help me.

    i am not sure if i need that COPPER Crown for that?!... i already melted the copper...........

    pls help