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[HELP] - Can not get GamePad to work (PC)

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  • [HELP] - Can not get GamePad to work (PC)

    How do I get the gamepad to work on the PC version?

    I'm using the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and official Xbox dongle thing-o on windows 10 and it works fine in other games but nothing seems to register for this one.

    There is an option in setting where you can change it to gamepad but I can not see anyway to APPLY it..

    See.. I can go into options and press with my mouse the little button to select the gamepad.. but it still dose not work and I can not see anyway to "apply" all I can do as far as I know is press esc, but my gamepad still does not work and if I go back into the setting it is back on PC.

    I also tried starting the game, when it gets to the point of user input it is all keyboard only.

    Basically nothing seems to work at all.

    Any ideas?

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    Have you checked the game options tab? There might an input type toggle.

    I don't have the game, but that looks like a button layout map and not an editor.


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      I do n ot know what you mean? In the screenshot I have tried to set the options but as I said I can not work out how to "save" it as gamepad.... I can not get it to work at all with the Xbox Elite GamePad.

      I bought it at the epic store if that counts?