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Playing FX4 in Portrait mode...

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  • Playing FX4 in Portrait mode...

    Bought Indy and 5 other William tables; before doing that I tried out Monster Bash that is free to play right now, and that flowed just fine.
    Might add I already own all the William releases for FX3 on Steam, so I am double dipping (trippel dipping if you count PBA that I also own...).

    Indy is stuttering the worst, can't really play pinball when the ball judder or the screen stutters.

    Updated GFX driver, I got a Titan XP pascal that is watercooled, my CPU is watercooled too... lets just say I got power to spare to play games, didn't think I would need to buy a 3090 to play some pinball?

    So, there is still lots of optimization or even bug fixing to do I guess.

    Anyone have found some tricks to get the ball flowing until ZEN gets out an optimized update for FX4?


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    I might add that I have 1440x3440 21:9 as standard rez but also tried 1440x2560 16:9 with a little less stutters.
    Also turned off all gfx processing like AA and such so it is pretty bare bones except for the resolution.

    Experimenting with pre-render frames, turning off overhead in the drivers and set optimizations to On. Nothing really solves the problem with the occasional stutterings and judders - there is something going on with the graphics that should not be happening.

    Flow is most important for a pinballgame, it aught to be top of the list when looking at what needs to be fixed. Hope it will soon and it must be so when it is out of early release - it can not be sold as a finished product until then.


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      Put it in borderless window mode.
      Optimisation will come, just need to be patient 👍


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        Hi! Thank you very much for your reports. Since this is the early access period of the game, there will be fixes and new features added to the game for sure. Could I ask what are your hardware specifications? It would be very useful for me to report the issue. Thanks in advance!
        Community Manager
        Zen Studios


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          Changing scaling percent or borderless in game unlocks the framerate (then you can change it back), but you have to do it every time you start a table. Locks again when you go to the main menu.


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            Interesting with the scaling unlocking framerate. We'll see how things turns out when there is an update to FX4.


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              I just got an update to Pinball FX ( and I noticed more video settings, including an FPS limit that by default is at 60 FPS. Unfortunately, even with the limit set to unlimited (or 144 FPS), I still have to change the resolution or scaling to something different and then back again to get an FPS higher than 60.

              Even after getting it to go above 60 FPS, I am noticing it run 5-10 FPS slower than it did before today's update.

              Now it's technically even worse because there are no portrait/vertical resolutions available. I have to set it at 1920x1080 and then it just majorly stretches a wide-screen image on my vertical display. When I set it to borderless windowed mode it just matches my Windows resolution, so I can still play a proper vertical game in my vpin cab.


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                The stock camera views still leave a lot to be desired in portrait orientation. I know it's early access, but I really hope customization improves.

                Since the game is now running on unreal, I trying using a 3rd party camera tool to manually adjust one of the worst views in this game and FX3 (Portrait #8), to show something a bit more ideal and realistic possible from portrait display pinball. The fov on the default Portrait 8 is so low, and along with the developer chosen angle, completely distorts and compacts the whole entire table. Very odd and basically unplayable, same as FX3. I still don't know how people making a pinball game made such a bizarre camera choice like that.

                Comparison here:

                The edited camera isn't perfect either (fov slightly too high, the tool breaks table movement / nudging in the game), and obviously not an appropriate view for those with full cabinet setups, this would be something geared more towards casual portrait users on PC that would like to see the built-in DMD rather than the floating hud one, and have the table appear like they're standing over it like real life. Trying to find an ideal top down view / distance / position for a cab setup is still pretty hard as well. Definitely need far more camera customization and adjustment options than the current minor amount of manual view and preferably different custom camera position saving for each individual table.


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                  Regarding the stuttering, I've been hearing digital foundry talk about how all UE4 games suffer from it, unless specifically known and worked around by developers.


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                    Those portraits I found on Instagram. I'd rather see it clearly than zoom it in or download it. I found a website that can both quickly zoom and download Instagram photos at