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Strange feeling vs. FX3

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  • Strange feeling vs. FX3

    I know it's all still in early access and I love what you guys are doing, but I get this really strange feeling there is something off with the feeling of the game vs. FX3. I have been going back and forth for almost an hour and once I've been playing FX for about 10mins I start to adept to it, but after just 1 minute of FX3 and than back to FX it's a total reset again. It almost feels like the scale of everything is totally off in FX. Almost as if the size of everything is 10x what it should be. Flippers acting slow, but not as a delay but the just seem to take a very long time to get up to speed due to inertia. The same goes for the ball. It feels like playing with a 25cm ball of steel instead of the 26mm ball it should be. I wouldn't realy be surprised if within the translation from your own engine to unreal there has been a decimal-shift making everything 10 times larger/heavier than it should be and the physics engine doing what it should do with this.

    Anyone else experiencing the same? The game used to feel so fluid and fast paced in FX3 and I totally miss that feeling in FX.

    (PS; it's not the performance and frame-rate cap issues there were before last week or so).

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    I also have strange sensations with physics. The response of the flippers and their "return", I would say that they feel more real. But there is something strange in the bounces of the ball (strange gravity). When the ball hits the flippers (without triggering) it sometimes rises back to the top of the table like a beach ball (on Attack from Mars!).
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      Yep, the physics of it all is ever so slightly off, which is more than enough to notice the difference. I am still noticing input lag as well and my FPS is OK. The input lag is most noticeable in the flippers, but I am also noticing it whenever I nudge the table. Can time it perfectly in fx3, can't time it worth a damn in fx.

      That said, fx feels easier, for several reasons. There appears to be a momentum problem, and to me this is most obvious in the Getaway table. The super charger isn't anywhere near as fast as fx3, nor are orbits and loops, and no matter how many of them I chain, the ball speed doesn't increase much (which makes it easier to chain them). Could be a surface friction property issue, could be an issue with the momentum calculations within the physics engine.

      I also think you may be onto something when you say the ball feels a fraction too small, and I base that on how much easier I am finding it to make shots. The light lock shots on both AFM and MM are far too easy, and that is making it too easy for me to dominate both of those tables.