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Pinball FX versus Pinball FX3

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  • Pinball FX versus Pinball FX3

    Hoping someone can provide some clarity for me. I'm new to the virtual pinball world. Just purchased a cabinet (Skillshot FX). It comes loaded with Pinball FX3 and Steam. Is "Pinball FX" about to replace "FX3"? That seems backwards? Hopefully my new cabinet will be able to run the newer software. I just downloaded the new Indiana Jones table and it runs fine in FX3. Thanks for any advice.

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    Pinball fX 3 will still be around, but they won't be releasing new boards here. From now on all ZEN resources will be concentrated on the new Pinball FX.
    Apparently, in the future it will also support cabinet mode.

    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS When will Pinball FX arrive? The game is available now on Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the Epic Games Store with over a 100 tables. Nintendo Switch is planned to arrive in July 2023. Is


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      Well, looks like I'll have to upgrade the computer and TV screen in my brand new Skillshot FX cabinet to allow for running Pinball FX. Ugh.


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        Don't worry, FX pinball 3 will remain the best option for virtual cabinets at the moment.