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A new patch [0.1.2 (50485)] is available in Pinball FX Early Access!

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  • A new patch [0.1.2 (50485)] is available in Pinball FX Early Access!

    New Features:

    Events arrived!
    - Play on Zen-hosted ‘Grand Tournaments’ and prove your skills to the whole community.
    - Play Weekly Challenges like the One Ball Challenge to unlock trophies and show off your pinball wizard skills

    Table Bugfixes:

    Tales of the Arabian Nights™

    - Fixed an issue with the plunger and the bounciness of the skill shot area
    - Fixed a camera issue with Ball Lock Area
    - Fixed an issue where the ball could get stuck during The Tale of Sinbad & the Rocs
    - Fixed a camera issue when an Extra Ball was lit
    - Fixed an issue where balls could get stuck in the slingshots
    - Captive Balls now register hits correctly

    The Champions Pub™

    - Flippers no longer disappear after changing the manual camera setup

    Red and Ted’s Road Show™

    - Dozer Blade drain issue fixed

    Cirqus Voltaire™

    - Carpet is now visible under the ringmaster

    As always, thank you very much to all of you who are helping us with feedback and reports!
    Community Manager
    Zen Studios