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When is nudging going to improve?

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  • Linne_Zen
    Could I ask if you use a controller or keyboard to play the game? With the stick on the controller, you can give a light nudge to the table, which doesn't register as a warning. I will send your request to the developers about the 2 nudges in succession. We will definitely improve the cabinet mode in the future, however, we are currently focusing on the console ports of the game.

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  • BemaniAK
    started a topic When is nudging going to improve?

    When is nudging going to improve?

    Nudging at the moment is frankly lackluster, having only miniscule, static 3-directional nudges that activate the tilt warning anyway if you do 2 in quick succession is really disappointing, frankly without analog nudging and proper tilt bob simulation the Pinball FX "cab mode" isn't a real cab mode, and I can't see any mention of this being planned for the future, what gives? Why not give cab and controller users the option?