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    I just installed Pinball FX on my console yesterday and today bought the Williams Collection 1 from the Xbox Store. This pack was AUD $35.95 and the xbox store description stated there were 12 Tables in the pack. However when I then loaded the game I saw there were only 9 Tables and 3 listed still said Trial. Missing was Hurricane, White Water and Red & Ted's Roadshow. It was then I discovered from the in game Pinball FX shop that those 3 missing tables were included in Collection 2 but not in 1. I also saw mention the Epic store bundle also has 12 tables. So it appears there is an error in the game shop. I keep checking hoping the 3 tables will unlock.

    I contacted Xbox support who verified there are 12 Tables in the pack and I had purchased the license to have all 12 Tables so they created a case and forwarded the issue to their tech people. They advised me to contact Zenstudios support and I sent them an email with the info & screenshots of the listing in the MS store. Have not any reply from them yet. MS support also said it could be a glitch or the tables are still being updated.

    It seems very odd and confusing and I wonder has anyone else encountered such problems ? I bought few other bundles and all the Pinball tables I tried are really cool, I love the Peanuts one and Champion Boxing is so good.

    Regarding bugs, I have experienced today 4 or 5 unexpected exits from the game back to the console dashboard requiring a reload. The initial loading is very long even though it is on my internal SSD drive . I feel this is something to do with Network connecting as when I go offline it loads very quickly. It is annoying mostly because the game crashes back to dashboard so often. Hopefully it is a known bug being worked on ?
    Overall I am really liking Pinball FX on Xbox and it can only get better ... Thanks Zen Studios & congratulations on launching such an awesome Pinball game. Please fix or unlock the 3 missing tables from the collection I bought. Cheers. 🙂

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    Microsoft shop still display that you receive 12 tables for purchasing Williams pack 1. The list of all 12 tables included is also written. (xbox one)


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      Yeah I got a message last week from Bence at Zen saying it was an error when they did the listing and MS are going to fix it, but MS are pretty slow as it still has the same listing now even a week later !

      Play 9 authentic classics in the Williams™ Pinball Collection 1 as arcade-perfect simulations in their original form or as remastered video game experiences enhanced with animated toys

      I was really happy when Bence told me that, because I had purchased in good faith believing there were 12 tables not 9, Zen are going to gift me a bundle of 3 tables. That is really cool of them and nice customer relations I think ... Thanks Bence & Kudos to Zen ! 👍😊

      I will post when I hear back from Bence again as I think they may be really busy or having a break post release. Cheers Mark B.
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