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Patch notes for v1.002 update?

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  • Patch notes for v1.002 update?

    Just updated on my PS5. In game it can no longer connect to the shop, tournaments or events... "Unable to reach store and inventory data".

    Down for maintenance?... [25 Feb- still can't connect]
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    Info from Facebook:

    Dear Pinball Fans,

    We are very grateful for all the reports and suggestions you have submitted for Pinball FX! Based on your feedback, the first update to the game has arrived for PlayStation consoles (PS5: 1.0.2 (70784)) (PS4: 1.0.2 (70787)), which addresses the following issues. An update for the Xbox version is coming soon as well!

    - In certain circumstances, some offers were missing from the in-game shop
    - Add-ons and coins did not appear in the game until restart
    - Blurry, ghosting animations in certain cases
    - The tutorial is now more visible and easier to understand. If you might have skipped it, you go into Options you can restart it and unlock your 1 Day of free Pinball Pass

    - UI updates and improvements
    - HDR Default setting is now brighter
    - Ray-tracing mode has improved visuals (PlayStation 5)

    LEADERBOARD RESET (on every platform)
    - There was an error in the Williams Extra Ball systems where it allowed almost unlimited Extra Balls. We have fixed this in the February 16 release, but there is still a possibility that scores using this error are on the leaderboards. For this reason, we are resetting the leaderboards of all Williams tables in Classic and Arcade except: The Addams Family & Safe Cracker.

    We apologize for this error, but we felt to offer fair competition on the leaderboards, this reset is needed.​


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      Thanks for posting, sounds like some promising fixes. I still can't connect... anyone else having that issue?


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        I, too, am now unable to connect following the recent update on PS5 ... 1.0002. No shop, no tournaments etc. My internet connection is fine - downloaded the update OK. Pinball FX3 is connecting OK.


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          I'm getting the same thing here, will delete my duplicate thread.


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            ** Happy days, the patch fixed the isssue of tye 'play every game mode' multi region/platform trophy glitch on My USA and European versions. You could only get the trophy once. Interestingly there's two PS5 versions with their own trophy lists, but one PS4 list.
            ** Sadly, cannot connect to events, tournaments, shop, etc since the patch


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              I've tried a different PSN account on my PS5 and get the same connection issue since installing the update. Also I've downloaded the PS4 version and that also fails to connect.

              It's also not the Beta 3.0 firmware I'm running, as the exact same error occurs on my PS4. I've seen other reports of the same issue on Facebook and Reddit.

              Let's hope they get it fixed soon.
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                Yes connection doesn’t work at all to the server. I wonder how many ps5 players are having this problem?


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                  I hope people are reporting this. I already emailed them twice


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                    Originally posted by moewe View Post
                    Info from Facebook:

                    - The tutorial is now more visible and easier to understand. If you might have skipped it, you go into Options you can restart it and unlock your 1 Day of free Pinball Pass
                    I have a feeling I must have completed the tutorial already, and not even noticed. I just did the tutorial again trying to get the 1-day Pinball Pass, and still can't figure out how to activate it.
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                      Nothing works except tables that are already loaded. The network is a mess


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                        Unfortunately, we have heard about reports like this from other PlayStation players as well. If you could send us your Game Session IDs (you can find it in the bottom left corner of the Options menu) from the game, it would be a huge help to investigate this issue! Thanks in advance.
                        Community Manager
                        Zen Studios