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Thoughts on new PInball FX on Xbox Series X

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  • Thoughts on new PInball FX on Xbox Series X

    I have some thoughts about the new Pinball FX on Xbox. I've been playing since the 1st PFX on the 360 and have enjoyed the customer focused content that Zen delivered. I recently gave this new version 2/5 stars online (I would amend to 3/5 if I could), not for the quality of the tables but for the following:

    1) No achievements per table, although there are table rewards which should be achievements. Does Zen not realize they created the best achievement "feeling" in any game with the way the medals would spin towards the screen and then "ding!" long as the notification was at the top of the screen, no issue blocking the flippers. They went from 3 achievements per table on the 1st game, to 1 on subsequent games, to 0 on this new release. Please re-evaluate this, or comment on the reasoning as to why.

    2) Rewind feature removed from Arcade. Why? Purists can still play classic to their heart's content. Rewind really helped crappy players like myself actually get to wizard mode and see all the good things a table could offer.

    3) No transfer of previously purchased tables. I understand the hard work recreating the old tables in a new engine, plus the music has been upgraded (or at least sounds like it to me), but there should be a loyalty discount of some kind that you can institute - 50%-75% off if you've purchased previously.

    4) The price of the pinball pass seems egregious. Not sure what the answer is though. $60 a year?

    Here are some things I'm enjoying about the new release as well as some thoughts on new tables:

    1) The weight of the ball and physics is improved. I went back to PFX3 and while it loads faster and seems snappier, the lack of weight is immediately noticeable.

    2) The event and season pass. It's good you can play tables you don't own on a rotating basis and I can see this adding to the longevity of the games. Right now though it gives you points for a score and you can just drain the ball and start again - doesn't reward trying to get the best score. There should be a season point given on a scale - 1 point at 3m, 1 point at 6m, 1 at 10m etc so people are rewarded for actually trying. Hopefully can be improved.

    3) The UI - at first I didn't like it, but it feels easy to navigate. I don't love the font though, looks very PC. I like how you can decorate the table room and tournament room.

    Here are some thoughts on the new tables (only the ones I've purchased, not the trials):

    Top Tier:
    - The Mandalorian (one of the best Star Wars tables)
    - Homeworld (Love the modes and missions)
    - Wrath of the Gods (Great theme)

    Mid Tier:
    - Borderlands (I like the layout and second wind feature)
    - World War Z (Not sure about this yet, might fall a tier)
    - Brothers in Arms (Looks kind of bland but plays well)
    - Star Wars Thrill of the Hunt (This might rise once I figure out what I'm doing)
    - Curse of the Mummy (great music)

    Bottom Tier:
    - Pinball Noir (looks great but not enjoyable to play).
    - Sky Pirates (I don't like pirates so take this with a grain of salt)

    I know this is a long read, thanks for sticking with it. Curious to hear your opinions too!

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    Don't everyone respond all at once!


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      Hey I have also been playing on X Series X and I am really loving it ! Definitely a sore point for some players that they cannot transfer FX 2 & 3 tables over and you can understand that, but you gotta look at it from perspective of Zen dev team as it is a business and the costs in todays market environment are very high to maintain - without payment they cannot survive and we just would not have seen a new FX version I feel.

      If purchased in bundles the pricing seems pretty fair imho and Zen have said there will be discounts down the road a bit. The tables do look nicer and play better together with many new tables being released. I like the new front end UI and the daily events, hope they get Royale working soon too.

      One thing I have noted on Series X is that I initially had Dolby Vision gaming enabled and the Flippers lagged terribly, really felt sluggish. I turned off DV in the Xbox settings and went back to Gaming mode on my Sony TV and instantly the game became super responsive, no lag and also the colors looked brighter, crisper and really popped. I had compared it to FX2 for reference and thought it was an in game bug but now with DV off FX is lag free and same or better than FX2.

      Hope more Series X & S gamers jump onboard with Pinball FX as it is awesome fun and highly addictive! 👍😊


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        Thanks Blane.

        Does anyone have an answer for why rewind is gone and why no achievments per table? Maybe Zen answered this somewhere else.


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          I have really enjoyed playing the new Pinball FX on the Xbox Series X! Graphics are great and gameplay is very good! I been playing a lot of Theater of Magic, Attack From Mars, and Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure. These are some of my favorite real life pinball games! I would love it if Pinball FX could get some of the Stern tables and Jersey Jack tables.