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Internet Connectivity Issues w FX

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  • Internet Connectivity Issues w FX

    Is someone going to address this??
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    It’s crazy. No 1 problem that should be solved and it takes forever


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      Crazy, but simple. No working software, no money.
      (I'm playing Zen Pinball since PS3 with about 90 tables)


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        Fx3 is a lot better. Its final version is more polished than this version. The Sound is balanced. And in fx I don’t see any improvement in physics. Slight lighting improvement maybe. Graphics almost seem crisper in fx3 it’s the better version right now. They can’t even get their network up and running for customers. Unbelievable
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          On X Series X, by comparison to FX3, the tables look more detailed in texture & colors. The physics to me feel kinda the same, bit faster maybe but I would not say the experience is less than the enjoyment of FX3, overall it is similar but I prefer this new ui to the older one of FX3.

          The one big negative I notice is when loading the game direct from my internal SSD drive, it is sooo slow taking over a minute after it has verified my gamertag. If I turn my Network setting to offline I think it loads a bit quicker but I am on a 50mb cx and no other Series X game takes so long to boot up. I sure hope they can improve this as it must be carrying out some laborious server side verification checks or something ?
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            Originally posted by Bad Dude II
            Is someone going to address this??
            We are continuously investigating what could cause this issue on the PlayStation, hopefully, we will be able to find a solution very soon! Sorry for the inconvenience.
            Community Manager
            Zen Studios


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              ...but nothing yet!

              Like many of the others, I am unable to connect to your network so unable to get any "in game" content and I'm sure as hell not paying £18 for a set of tables when all I can play right now is one table for free. I'm almost certain, when FX3 was launched, that 3 or 4 free tables came with the release for variety and also to enable you to try out various actions within the game..