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Bug Report thread for Pinball FX

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  • Bug Report thread for Pinball FX

    Please report all bugs here you experienced in Pinball FX.

    When reporting a bug, please include which device/platform you play on.

    Also attaching a screenshot/gameplay video could help us tremendously and speed up the process of finding these issues.

    Thank you very much in advance, we wish you all huge Jackpots!​
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    First of all, hi there! I've been a devoted fan since the second game and I have all the of the Pinball FX tables so far. I just wanted to bring to your attention that the Williams Hurricane table is not recording my scores. It only has my first score and I've crushed that score several times.

    Thank you so much for this excellent game and I will be right there with an open wallet when you release new tables. I play on PS5.


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      Xbox Series S

      The following tables on Pinball FX have very bad sound crackling bugs. They are almost unplayable as the crackling and popping audio is so bad.

      - The Machine: Bride of PinBot
      - Grimm Tales
      - Borderlands Vault Hunter Pinball

      I am not buying any more Pinball FX tables until the audio crackling is fixed, as it really hurts your ears and makes playing the game feel like torture.


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        PS5 - Medieval Madness

        On the lower Part of the Playfield, it seems, that something is moving on this triangular parts every few seconds.
        (Sorry, can't describe better)
        And its not a reflection of light or something else...
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          Playing on XBox series S, on an LG C2 OLED TV. The game will boot up with colored speckles on one or two of the screen borders. I believe this is due to the game not rendering enough outside on the standard display area, so when the TV's "picture shift" feature subtly moves the picture, it is revealing un-rendered areas. Just a guess though. In-game all seems fine. I'm using HDR mode, if that makes a difference.


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            I posted elsewhere here, since I missed this topic. Just sharing here too that on PS5, when doing the flips challenge on Junk Yard, sometimes when the ball drains, the game ends, even with flips remaining. The number of flips doesn't seem to matter. I've had as many left as around 160 flips left.


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              My issue is with the Borderlands table single nudge power tilting. I can’t figure out if it’s a feature a joke or what. One nudge tilts me. When there is a clear jump opportunity on the upper level and using a nudge would be key there. I’D have to post a video to really explain it. But I won’t for now. Just seeing if anyone else has this problem. I m on PS5


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                Also this is recent but a Troll gets stuck in your game after doing distance challenge….here is a video

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                  PS5. Can't connect online, still, from within the game. Uninstalled/reinstalled. Deleted saves/profile. Reaccepted EULA & Online ToS. It's been almost 3 weeks now I've been unable to connect. I can't purchase anything. Can't complete the tutorial for my free day pinball pass.


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                      The tournament progress points are broken.
                      I played 3 rounds of the goofers table and didn't get a single progress. Stuck at 171.


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                        The audio levels on PS5 are off. Volume is not consistent across tables: Zen Originals are much louder, which can be shocking when switching from table to table.

                        Also, the voicea and callouts on some tables are too loud and distort the audio. For example, on Black Rose, the "ah ah!" After draining the ball is way too loud. On Grimm Tales, the narrator voice and witch voice are far too loud compared to table sounds.

                        Thank you.

                        Uodate: Adjustijg voice volume can help though voice still distorts. Also notice a cllick/pop on Grimm Tales when audio loops prior to shooting ball with plunger.
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                          Bride of Pinbit - the 2nd time you awaken the Bride, (phase 4) the moment the 2nd ball locks when it's going to spin the wheel the table goes into thinking that a ball is lost where it Cycles all the actuators around the table simulating what it does in real life when it's trying to find the ball then eventually dumps one of the balls from the lock position but if you shoot it back up there again it's still stuck in this mode where it thinks the ball is lost. The only way to get out of this is you have to let both balls cycle and drain which causes you to lose phase 4. It's happened to me three times and basically made the table unplayable. I'm playing on ps5


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                            Another one just happened on Funhouse... I just scored a 5 million game and when checking the leaderboards it still shows my high scores being in 1 million. (On PS5) this is very critical if I'm going to continue playing . How can I trust if I have a good game then my score is going to be registered? Please let me know if I can be of more assistance in troubleshooting this issue.


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                              In arabian nights, both on classic and pro, when you get a sneak ball lock and lock up to two balls, but then lose the ball, further attempts to lock balls will break the table logic, always announcing "ball 1 locked" and even resulting in full release of locked balls for a multi ball with single ball logic (i.e. you can start gems etc.).