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Do you want the rewind power back in pinball FX ?

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  • Do you want the rewind power back in pinball FX ?

    Do you want the rewind power back in pinball FX ?
    Fo newcomers, the rewind functonnality permits you to go back in time and prevent the loss of the ball or the miss of a shot when in time limited mode.

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    So, I'm a little surprised to be saying this, but contrary to when I first opened Pinball FX and noticed it wasn't available, I actually am fine with it being gone.

    While it allowed me to get some really high scores on some of my favorite tables in FX3, the games went really long - so long in fact that if I were streaming, games could take 30-45 mins because of rewind. Conversely, without rewind, games are a much more manageable length, and it has made me (in my own opinion, obviously) a better player to not have it.

    Personally, I don't use slow motion pretty much at all; in fact, the only reason I used it in FX3 was because I was a completionist on the tables I frequented. I feel like both rewind and slo-mo are unrealistic. That being said, score doubling not only seems fair, but I feel like it could be something implemented on real machines with either a foot pedal or a secondary button under the flippers to make real games even more interesting.

    I understand it was something that was offered in the past, but I'm fine with it staying there. I'd much rather they figure out what's wrong with PS5 network connectivity and getting Pinball Pass to work for closs-platform availability.


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      I'm not good enough to make it into most Wizard modes on classic, so I don't get to see everything each table has to offer. Either bring back rewind (as it's not hurting anyone and is basically a missing feature that customers were used to) or allow for longer time tables where you have enough time to check out everything the table has to offer. 15 min maybe?


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        Please bring back REWIND.

        The topic of "Is REWIND cheating?", is another topic and that is what Classic Mode is for.

        The reason I don't want to repurchase my tables from FX3 is I can't use REWIND on them.

        The reason I want REWIND is because I want to finish the games and see the ending. (I do not like Practice Mode.)

        Having the REWIND power restored in the new Pinball FX will encourage me put the hours in on new tables so I can get to the Wizard mode, beat the game and see the ending.


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          Can we get to Wizard mode or see the endings from Practice ? I have not teied it yet. I would like to have the Rewind if not


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            You can finish them on practice but it’s not as satisfying as it just ends and doesn’t even display your final score….
            I feel like too many people overlook practice mode…
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              Linne, can you please comment on why REWIND was removed and if they are looking at adding it back? I pretty much only play classic now, but would like rewind as an option for Arcade to see how far I can get. I never use the other Arcade options.


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                I don’t even use the rewind function, but I have an opinion that may be considered somewhat controversial.

                I don’t think it should be brought back. It teaches people to rely on it when they drain, and that can be a bit of a crutch that limits potential to learn how to react on the fly and possibly save your ball. It doesn’t exist on real machines, and i’ve seen comments here saying they don’t get to see wizard mode much.. it’s meant to be hard to get wizard mode. There are ways to get familiar with tables, practice mode is the best for that. The more anyone practices anything, the better they get at it. Wizard mode is not supposed to be handed over for rewinding the whole game.. no machine does that in real life.

                This may sound harsh, sure.. but it’s so much more satisfying getting big scores/wizard mode on your own merits.


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                  Here's the thing though - I've put hundreds of hours into Pinball FX games over the years - and despite practice, I have never come close to mastering nudging the table to save a draining ball. Or see that many wizard modes. I love pinball but I'm not that great at it - mediocre at best. It seems even harder on the new FX. Having accessibility options back (that were available previously) to draw in more casual players will give a longer life and keep more people invested - maybe not the hardcore Pinhead, but that's not the only audience. If you don't like it don't use it. It's kind of like how the old retro arcade games have rewind features on the newer compilation packs now so you can see all the levels and endings where before you maybe couldn't even get past level 1.


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                    No! Only interested in real pinball with fancy powerups for cool kids.


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                      Rewind was a controversial power-up back in the day as well, and it caused some issues in certain table mechanics too, however, this is not the reason why it was removed, but we wanted to try something new (slow motion). I totally understand why you would like to see it coming back, so I created a report for the devs about your request.
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                        I think rewind is why under the flipper saves work so well in my version of FX3, it was just the game regurgitating a rewind. But do it enough and the game starts to think it’s not a mistake. Bring back UTF nobody needs rewind. And my gripe is like say a real table had an actuator on the drain lanes to activate the UTF magnet, instead of the metal no save bar. Yeah retro fit every existing table in the world so I can nudge under the flipper. That’s all I’m saying.