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  • Table Awards and Season Rewards

    I can't for the life of me find any of the table awards and certain season awards I've won. For example, on the Star Wars Collectables table I won the Darth Vader Table award - where and what it is? A figure or statue? I've unlocked a "Lipstick mouth symbol" in the season rewards - what is this, a frame or border? I can't find it anywhere. I've checked the "unlocked" section for rewards and scrolled through everything 3 times.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The unlocked figures and statues would be under collectibles…but in which category….sometimes it’s a rug or a poster…good luck finding them!
    I agree it doesn’t mark anything as new or highlight the items so it’s aggravating.
    As for the season stuff, it’s in customization when you press the options. You’ve probably looked but it’s there I assure you, somewhere.

    Then again maybe not. Maybe it disappeared into the abyss. Good luck.


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      Also re the shelves they look like you could put 3 or 4 collectibles on each shelf yet I can only make one appear there with plenty of room to the side.

      Is there a trick to that ? ... because it feels very counter intuitive navigating that stuff to me. Any ideas ?


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        They all have to be from the same collection ie Dreamworks or Star Wars on a single shelf…which is dumb…Soooo you can’t mix Vader and My Little Pony.


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          Oh right, would be better if you could mix & match.


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            I did check and the "Darth Vader" award turned into a Millenium Falcon figure as the reward for the table, so I did get something eventually. Others have not populated yet, so maybe they will arrive some day, I"ll keep looking.

            Blane, for the shelf, press right trigger I think to move to the right and then add the next figure and so on.