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Question for the Zen Guys About New Platform

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  • Question for the Zen Guys About New Platform

    I saw the news recently and am pretty excited to see what the new game will bring. One question that came to mind, having been playing when PBFX3 replaced Zen Pinball 2 and FX2, is this:
    Why make it an all new game and possibly lose or need to rework licenses, instead of just making it an overhaul of FX3 and call it FX3 version 2.0 or something? Remembering how we lost some great tables last time because of the jump to an all new game, I’m just worried we might face the same and thought that by just keeping the same name while scrapping and replacing everything else, might be a way from keeping this from happening.

    That’s just my two cents. My not knowing the details I know there’s a good possibility that wouldn’t even work, but I thought I’d ask and put the idea out there.

    One quick suggestion, something I discussed with Deep when PBFX3 first came out which he said was a great idea but would take too much work to implement with the game already finished, is about using a quick save feature (like you often see in handheld games) when playing in any game where the score is eligible for the leaderboards. With a quick save, once you quick save the game closes out and the next time you open the game the only option is continuing your quick save or doing something else and lose that game’s progress.
    This would make saving long games where you’re going for a high score on the leaderboards still possible (as well as in tournaments (which I hope this time around gets their scores leaderboard eligible)) while eliminating the ability to cheat by creating a save game like you can do now and then back it up to Playstation Plus, Live, etc, and reload the save if you botch things up. If you have a quick save that is stored separately and isn’t backed up, then this type of cheating then becomes impossible, while still allowing saves during tournaments.
    A practice mode that isn’t leaderboard eligible could be included in case you still wanted the ability to save a game then go play another table.

    Thanks for listening and any information!

    You guys are awesome!!!

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    Remembering how we lost some great tables last time because of the jump to an all new game?
    Prepare for more of the same, 100%