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Zen Studios, please read this.

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  • Zen Studios, please read this.

    Dear Zen Studios,

    It is nice to see the new upcoming FX platform which tells us that Zen Studios is moving forward. I trust you won't disappoint. Even after the initial release of FX, my expectations are that it will take some time before we can fully enjoy Pinball FX (beta testing, bugs fixing, licence hurdles etc). The Pinball Show is pretty good idea for keeping us in the loop and giving a boost of enthusiasm.

    Furthermore, not being able to transfer already purchased tables from FX3 to the new FX is unfortunate but fully understandable as stated in episode 3. You will definitely need financial back up from users therefore, you have my support.

    To other note, Pinball FX3 Williams Classic arcade cabinet mode on a PC platform is a GO TO pinball for many loyal customers/ pinball enthusiasts including myself. I cannot stress out how important for us users is to have at least 4 things below updated in FX3. I am willing to donate money for the updates listed below. Send me the bill but be generous

    1. Position the cameras firmly in cabinet mode without panning on the plunger. (cabinet mode)

    2. Get rid of the visible virtual side rails (cabinet mode)

    3. Stop auto exit from the table to score menu after game over and let us do this manually. Preferably should stay in table mode and continue to play without auto exit.

    4. Circus Voltaire Camera VIEW 2 need to be fixed the same as every other table. I purchased this table last year and still can't play it because of the incorrect camera VIEW 2. Please compare it to other tables for your reference.

    The above are 4 things that will definitely make a massive difference and make many happy for FX3 cabinet (PC Steam) players. Since there is no say about PC at least we can still enjoy FX3.

    As always, your support is greatly appreciated. Photos for your reference below.
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    Thank you very much for your detailed feedback! The pictures are really helpful too. I have created a ticket for your request and forwarded it to the devs.
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      As a dedicated Williams/Bally cabinet player I'd also like to chime in on this...

      Cabinet wish list.....

      - Fixed view across all tables. I believe this is what was referred to above WRT plunger panning, but just in case it wasn't clear, there are several tables where the fixed view (supposed to be 1 or 2) reverts back to a full cabinet view when a new ball loads.

      - Please "fix" the multiple monitor setup. The current setup requires the backglass screen monitor to be designated as "primary" while the playing field operates as a borderless window below it. This occasionally results in the playfield screen loading mismatched (it's trying to load onto the top screen and bleeds into the lower play screen). We should be able to specify screens individually as opposed to the current setup which is essentially trying to make two screens work together.

      - Option to select multiple local player games. I believe the option is there if you want to set a flag at startup, but there should be a front panel option that would set up to 4 players on a game.

      That would be my wishlist, and as a dedicated player I honestly don't mind repurchasing table bundles if they come on a new platform which is easier to use / setup.


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        Originally posted by Linne_Zen View Post
        Thank you very much for your detailed feedback! The pictures are really helpful too. I have created a ticket for your request and forwarded it to the devs.