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  • Congratulations on a fantastic game!

    I have an Oculus DK2 and was able to purchase this game from the Oculus Store. It works great with the DK2. I will be getting a Vive soon and I would love it if the game would be updated to work with SteamVR.

    I don't generally play pinball, but I decided to try this game based on the positive review given to it after a brief play by one of the Tested team. I am so happy that I did because it's become my favorite VR experience.

    This game is incredibly well done, with an astounding number of touches to make the whole experience complete. The environmental changes that reflect the game are a welcome addition that add quite a bit of atmosphere to the experience. I have never played Pinball FX2 (or really any computer based pinball game) before so I don't know how the extras are experienced in normal flat screen mode but the immersion that VR brings takes this to an incredibly enjoyable level.

    I would love to see more pinball machines ported to VR. I am going to guess that new machines require an additional fee to add to the game. I would be happy to pay for new machines as long as the price was reasonable ($5 per machine sounds very reasonable, maybe even $10 if the machine were really complex and well done). Are there any plans to bring games more pinball machines to Pinball FX2 VR?

    I find that the pinball presented in this game is much easier than real world pinball. In my few experiences with real world pinball, the machines seem to be set up to direct the ball into one of the holes, either at the sides, or in the middle, that lose your ball. The Pinball FX2 games are much more forgiving, and it's actually quite easy to avoid losing your ball most of the time. Add into that the number of ways that you can enable 'kickback' to avoid ball loss, and games can easily go on for quite a long time.

    The only actual problem I've had with Pinball FX2 VR is on the Mars machine, where at one point, when I almost had a personal high score, the "Calibrating" special mode came up but after I cleared a few of the ramps, the mode didn't go away and I had no way to eliminate it. That was a bummer. Otherwise, a completely flawless experience!

    Thank you for taking the time to add so much detailed content to the game and make it truly worth the price. I imagine you could have very easily just slapped some pinball machines in there with little consideration for the extras, but it really felt like you went the extra mile when making this game, and it is very much appreciated!

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    I'm enjoying pinball also alot in VR as it gives you almost the real thing.

    I guess it's maybe easier as the machines/tables were designed that way.
    They could make it harder by putting more space between the flippers or maybe change the tables a bit.

    But.. is it needed? I'm enjoying it and it sure doesn't feel too easy for me as the goals in each game are pretty hard.
    Epic Quest for example, you have get into Wizard mode you need to defeat all monsters which is quite an operation..

    Then there is also the physics that come into play. At least in virtual pinball the physics are consistent as they are programmed that way.
    On real pinball machines each machine plays somehow different due to wear and no machine is 100% identical.
    Maybe some loves this.
    The true physics of a real pinball will probably never be copied into a virtual one as there are too many factors.
    I find the physics feeling quite real. The ball acts I think almost like a real machine (then again, I only played on real machine long time ago as a kid).
    The ball is more unpredictable on a real machine I guess and there is sub microsecond reaction differences and so on.

    So another vote to bring more machines into VR (asked it here already ).
    Epic Quest could almost be in fact a real machine , Mars is more difficult as there are many 3d actions.


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      Thank you both for the wonderful feedback! We do have plans to bring more tables to VR - any suggestions on what you'd like to see in VR in the future?


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        Originally posted by BarbieBobomb
        Thank you both for the wonderful feedback! We do have plans to bring more tables to VR - any suggestions on what you'd like to see in VR in the future?

        Yes I have a couple of idea's

        - If it is somehow possible to provide a replay of your last game, to detect your flaws.
        I also always like to see the pinball matrix screen but i'm too focused on the ball that I miss the action on the screen

        - Join friends option, so you can watch his current game in VR

        - remove fake scores same user has highest score in hundreds of millions on all 3 tables.

        - Improve the table guides, sometimes not so clear what to do

        - MORE of the existing tables ported to VR

        - Brand new special for VR Table who utilizes things only really possible in VR or real life
        The current ones already do this to a degree but it's more visual nice to haves
        You could make a table where lanes come out of the table to the sides where there are flippers also outside of the table
        So you have to lean to the right and left of the table. Let's say the table mechanics and specials can be bigger as we now have full 180 degrees.
        Maybe even a BIG wide table which has extra long flippers and 2 times the playfield size , you must move more and look around more then. just an idea
        So many posibilities


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          Originally posted by BarbieBobomb
          Thank you both for the wonderful feedback! We do have plans to bring more tables to VR - any suggestions on what you'd like to see in VR in the future?
          Hm, maybe the ability to spectate to watch someone else play? I'd like to see how those people getting 800 million on Mars are doing it (I just made 230 million last night and thought it was a huge accomplishment, until I saw the scores ahead of mine!).

          Different difficulty levels might be nice, with a more "realistic" setting with the table altered to lose your ball more easily just like real-world pinball (maybe move the flippers apart slightly, or add obstacles that are more likely to direct the ball to a place where it could be lost, etc).

          Tutorials that actually showed you how to play the table within the game, by showing the ball being played through the steps to complete a sequence, would be really helpful. Sometimes the descriptions can be hard to follow.

          Vive support! My Vive is coming on Monday, and I don't know how easy it will be to continue to use my DK2 to play Pinball FX2 VR once I switch my rig over to the Vive ...

          It might be nice to have a crowd rendered into the game so that the setting doesn't feel so lonely. People lounging at the couch, playing at the tables, standing around watching you and other people play. Configurable of course for those people who like to be alone

          It would be nice for the game to "remember" my preferred viewing position as a setting, because I find myself spending time at the beginning of every game hitting the re-center button several times to get my view position just where I like it ... and every time it's slightly different. I'd like the option to be able to snap right to the same spot every time if I wanted to.

          You should consider having a demo that is freely available in the Oculus Store. Just put in one table and only allow a limited play time or something. If people could see how much fun this game is, they might be more willing to spring for the purchase. I never thought about buying a pinball game personally and probably wouldn't have bought this game sight unseen if it hadn't been for the enthusiasm of the Tested crew's brief review of the game.

          Some kind of gradual unlocking of tables might be interesting. I realize this may conflict with what alot of people want (instant access to all tables), but for a casual player like me, having a single game to focus on, playing it until I can achieve a certain score (say 150 million in Mars), and then unlocking the next table, would provide a way for there to always be something to play for and always be something new to discover (well until you've unlocked all the tables of course). Instant access to all tables tends to cause you to try them all right at the beginning which means there's nothing new to discover as you play the game (except for the individual table sequences and special events, of course). Like I said, some players may not appreciate being locked out of tables until they've completed achievements, but I could see such a system actually increasing my interest in playing the game as I worked towards unlocking stuff.

          Sorry for the long post!


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            I love your idea of spectating to see how those incredibly high scores are achieved BUT the idea of locking tables out is terrible !

            Please I hope that never happens as it would be the worst thing could be done to the game ... dude, please just exercise some personal discipline for yourself and refrain from using any other tables until you feel competent at whatever one you choose. Imposing such a limit on other people is utterly draconian imho.