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This needs to come to HTC Vive

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  • This needs to come to HTC Vive

    Ever since I played Pinball FX2 on my passive 4k OLED, I knew that Pinball utilized 3D so perfectly, it is almost hard to play without it. The complexity of all the action on all the levels of a playing field really need that depth provided by 3D.

    So, yes, I am very excited about seeing pinball in VR. In Valve's Lab, there is a game called Xortex, and it has a classic style arcade game with incredibly simplistic controls, and an immersive VR game experience, in which you control the ship in a bullet hell style arcade game. Both of these experiences are awesome in their own ways, and I don't doubt that Pinball FX2 in 3D will be awesome on the HTC Vive.

    Can't wait to visit the spider room in VR.

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    Just ordered my HTC Vive. Would love to see official support for HTC Vive.


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      Originally posted by goldant
      Just ordered my HTC Vive. Would love to see official support for HTC Vive.
      Agreed; I haven't played much Pinball FX2 VR since I got my Vive, and I would love to play more. I must say though, that honestly the DK2 is superior for playing this game than the Vive, and probably the Oculus CV1 as well. The non-fresnel lenses of the DK2 are simply superior to the lenses in the CV1 and Vive, so much so that it's really amazing how crisp, clear, and colorful the game is in the DK2 compared to the others. So when I really need my Pinball FX2 VR fix, I can just go through the somewhat annoying process of hooking up my DK2 again ... here's hoping that the next generation of consumer VR headsets have reasonable lenses. Fresnel, quite frankly, SUCKS.