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Pinball FX VR - Trojan in executable? (Steam)

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  • Pinball FX VR - Trojan in executable? (Steam)

    Evening all, I seem to have encountered a serious issue with the .exe file for the VR version of the game on Steam
    Windows Defender detects a Trojan in the main program called: Peals.A!cl


    I've tried verifying the cache to reacquire the file but the replacement exe is also blocked.


    Although I could override the detection it seems fairly serious so I wanted to raise the issue and seek advice before proceeding.

    This is the first time I've tried to run the VR version of PFX, it launched for several seconds and displayed the menu screen but closed as soon as the detection was made. Does anyone know what's going on? A false/positive seems very unusual for a retail release.

    Happy to provide any proof of ownership/Steam account details required.

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    Weird! Let me check around and see what might be happening here.


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      I had the team investigate this and they found that the part of the code that is being recognized as different viruses by some scanners is actually the Steam DRM.

      There appears to be a good number of reported false alarms:

      I hope that helps


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        Originally posted by BarbieBobomb View Post
        I hope that helps
        Thanks Barbie, I will do some further investigation and let you know if the situation changes.
        Would be interested to hear whether anyone else encounters this mysterious issue

        Full system scans (Windows Defender/Malwarebytes) did not report any other infected files.
        I also deleted the game from Steam and attempted a full re-install but that didn't solve anything either.

        Will give it a test on my laptop this evening to see whether it is flagged as suspicious on a different system.