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Is Zen done with Pinball FX2 VR?

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    No issues here either, it's working perfectly.

    Back on subject

    I'm not a doom & gloom kinda guy , since this thread was started we've had another 3 released, but yes they have been few & very far between, I suspect it is simply economic reality that is dictating the release schedule, vr is still a long way from reaching critical mass, only a minority of companies can afford to just ignore that & carry on regardless.

    If the recent past is any indication, it seems the current state of the vr market will give us about 3 new tables per year

    I am pleased they are one of the studios that did make the effort, & did so with much more than just a short demo/experience, it is a good complete product that is worth every cent, now I am just hoping that vr does grow to be more than an enthusiasts niche, making it worthwhile to eventually port all the tables over, until then, I will wait impatiently & enjoy what we have got/do get


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      I don't have this problem of drifting with Rift. PSVR sucks!
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        Originally posted by nromo View Post
        I don't have this problem of drifting with Rift. PSVR sucks!
        Congrats! Your post has convinced me to get rid of all my psvr gear and go buy a rift. So you didn't waste your time posting in a thread you have nothing to do with.

        Well done Champ.


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          So any update on more VR tables, i would love more, and hey, if they wan't to bring Vr versions of the Williams tables my money is ready.
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            Thanks for the enthusiasm guys, it always great to hear the VR version getting some love.

            I don't have immediate news right now, although it would be cool to see more tables added in my personal opinion.