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Oculus Go Does it work on that? Controller is being asked.....

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  • Oculus Go Does it work on that? Controller is being asked.....


    I love the Pinbal FX/Zen Pinball series and I just picked up the Oculus Go.

    Good news - You can purchase it, downloads, and starts..

    Bad news - it asks for a game controller which I don't believe the Go supports or at least I can't find any information that it does.

    So wondering if Pinball FX 2 really supposed to run on Oculus Go and/or should I be finding a way to get a controller on that.


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    Hey mate, I dont know much about the Oculus Go. Ich thought it has its own controllers. People connected a Bluetooth controller to the headset. Ich think that pinball is too fast and there ist probably too much lag. If there is an USB port on the Go and Android is running on it, someone is going to release a driver for xinput controller soon I think.

    Check this link for Bluetooth:
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      So I have been playing around with the Oculus Go. Pinball FX 2 won't work with the default controller with the system but works with Gamepads as mentioned before.

      Bad thing you have to get a gamepad to sync with the go......

      After 6 blue tooth controllers I have around I could only get one to work - the latest XBOX One X controller I own. Once I got that synced it worked with the Pinball FX2 VR. Must say the VR works well with the goggles...

      BUT I had controller flake outs on it. When it locked up a flipper, etc. I think this is more growing pains on Oculus Go than Pinball FX2 VR problem. I could get the same type of behavior on other games on Oculus Go. So once Oculus straightens out the gamepad support I suspect I will be buying the additional tables.


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        I ordered a bluetooth xbox controller, but in the meantime it does work with my Go controller though not really well. It isn't very intuitive. The trigger button is the right flipper, the touchpad button on top is the left flipper and the down on the touchpad is the plunger. Too me an amazing experience. I would say it feels maybe 90% like I'm playing a real table though note this is from someone who never plays real tables. Still it seems like mostly 'real' pinball.


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          Hey to all Oculus Go Pinheads, just found out there is a way to use Pinsim on Oculus Go:

          There is another Tweet that mentions the Zen Universal Pack is available on Oculus Go. Is this true? Could anyone please confirm this? Another user here stated the same a couple of days ago, but this response is deleted now.


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            I personally bought and played the Back to the Future table and I saw Et and Jaws as buyable.


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              Fantastic! Is it in 3D? The Go has no head tracking, right? Hopefully those are coming to steam soon.


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                Yes lovely 3D. I didn't realize they weren't on Steam.
                The Go can track your head but you have to be stationary. 3DoF, not 6DoF. So in one game they had me shake my head yes or no and it could track that. In some games you pick things boy 'looking' at them. You can definitely look around the room in Pinball FX2 VR.


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                  I also am having a controller issue. My 8Bitdo NES30 Pro Bluetooth controller seems to work with all my other gamepad capable Oculus Go games, but not Pinball FX2 VR. The game is a lot of fun, but no point buying additional tables if my controller won't work.

                  It is nice that it is Oculus Go controller capable, and that works in a pinch, but the controller just doesn't seem suitable for any type of play outside of a game demonstration. Extended controller capability is really needed for this game. The thread seems to suggest that there are other controller options once an OTG adapter is plugged in. I don't have a PinSim, but perhaps I can find another control that would work with Pinball FX2 VR once plugged into OTG.