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Extreme graphic distortion/blurry/screen door with PS4 VR

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  • Extreme graphic distortion/blurry/screen door with PS4 VR

    As the title says. It's pretty much unplayable. Score pop up text is unreadable and some table features such as the wire paths actually flicker constantly. I would suspect an issue with the headset or processing unit itself except other VR games are fine. For that matter, this issue is only occurring within the tables themselves and also the table selection menu. The 3d animations next to the table, like the zombie in walking dead, are very clear and don't have this issue. The picture on my TV is also crystal clear, so it's not a general issue with the game, only with how it displays in VR. It's also hard to tell from the youtube videos I've seen of the game on PSVR, but I don't notice it too much there, but I also don't know if that's capturing the video from the headset or the video going to the TV which, as I said, is clear in my case.

    I don't know if this is a screen door issue, it seems much more extreme than anything I've seen with the PSVR. Is this everyone else's experience playing this game on the PSVR?