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Observations on FX2 VR Thread/Pinball Future for Zen

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  • Observations on FX2 VR Thread/Pinball Future for Zen

    So, I have recently acquired and have been playing Star Wars VR with its 10 tables and got FX2 VR tables yesterday and like most of you, have found the Pinball VR experience to be nothing short of awesome! Although, for FX2VR, I wish the camera angles were easier on my spine that I have had two surgeries on. Zen, I wish you could find some ways of creating more Star Wars VR views for FX2VR & FX Pinball Royale.

    The answer to most everyone's questions about new tables in FXVR are apparently coming soon with Pinball FX Royale. That will apparently be the 'replacement' for FX2 VR with reformatting all of the tables for VR from the existing library with the exceptions of Walking Dead and Portal, thankfully two of my least favorite tables. There are two new tables that are coming to FX Pinball VR, a detective and pirate themed games. I have also heard that the UNREAL Engine being used for the newer VR platforms have less bugs and that another entity may be working on bug issues so ZEN can spend more time developing new pinballs. Thank you ZEN. It has been a pleasure to play the pinballs you have developed. My hope is that ZEN creates hundreds of more pins that are new and original and retrofit almost every Williams-Bally-Stern pinball that they can to VR. ZEN is creating, IMHO, almost a preserved history and accessibility to pinballs of years gone by with their simulations. Assuming they continue the trend of creating quality pinball simulations of actual pinball machines.

    Star Wars VR got two new pinballs as well.

    Old news to most of us but just perhaps a healthier realignment to supply and demand that many of us have for ZEN Pinball and a further display of loyalty for it: If I count XBOX 360 FX Pinball, FX2, FX2 VR, FX3 and Pinball FX Royale, this will be at least the 5th time I have purchased many of the games. Happy to do it! I get so much pleasure out of playing these tables and the passion I have for them and the time playing these games over the years. I hope that ZEN profits greatly from their new pinball plans because I want to see them create so much Pinball VR material: old & new. All along the way ZEN has been updating its pinball platform.

    As much as I love FX3 and was hoping that ZEN would build new content upon that platform, I have not played FX3 since I have acquired a PS5 to play Star Wars Pinball VR and as of yesterday, FX2 VR. It's true; once you play ZEN Pinball in VR, everything else pales by comparison.

    So many of us see the obviousness of creating new content. I think it is here now and for the rest of the year and for years to come.

    Enjoy the ride.
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    I would love the PSVR version to get a PS5 patch that increases the resolutio like No mans Sky did, this game would shine on the PSVR on the PS5 with such simple sharpening of the tables.
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      Good idea, I would also like to have an improved version of the PSVR. Maybe in 2022? Being able to play with better resolution will change me a bit. And I could offer my grandparents VR scrabble ^^ it will change :

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