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Which version of Windows is best for these laptops?

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  • makes
    I'm currently on windows 10 last build but I'm thinking of switching to Windows 11...The only problem might be that my laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 330 (I have exactly this model with Intel Core i5 8250U )doesn't support Windows 11.

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  • theieltsacademy
    You can try WIN - 7 or WIN - 7 Ultimate for the best performance !!

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  • osamatek
    Try Windows XP for Old Laptop, As they have old rams and update. Putting Windows load can make it slow.

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  • Which version of Windows is best for these laptops?

    I'm currently repairing 2 old laptops, an Acer Aspire 5920g and an Asus EeePC 901. The Acer runs on Windows 10, but seems to have lost some of it's original functionality. The EeePC on Windows XP and is thus unable to perform applinked tasks like Web browsing. Does anyone know a way to figure out what OS is best for a computer? (Without just installing and trying a bunch of different systems, lol)
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