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    1.) Need to enable CAB support in Steam, follow link in steam to submit form, or follow:
    Just register here for your code:

    2.) Backglass/DMD support:

    Quote Originally Posted by BarbieBobomb View Post
    Here's some info on backglass setup - welcome to the forums, btw
    Setting up the back glass render window:
    - Enter the Settings|Cabinet Support screen
    - Ensure that "Back glass repositioning" is turned on. (https:\\\_Il_d65_PFX2_Back glass_HowTo_lKD8dH\PFX2_Cabinet_Settings.png)
    - Adjust the position and size values, so that this separate window fits your designated screen.
    Setting up images for the back glass:
    The game tries to automatically load a separate image for each table. These images are not included in the game.
    The backglass window displays the file path if the image is missing.
    The folder is the game's data folder, by default it is "c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pinball FX2\data_steam".
    There are table files with the "pxp" extension in this folder. An image's filename must be the same as the table's on which the image is supposed to appear for, but with a different extension (supported extensions : .bmp, .gif, .png, .jpg, ..jpeg).

    Here is a good Vid "thx L33" showing where/how to add the images to the correct folders, then how to use the CAB support to enable and adjust the images.

    Common tips, make the images larger to help see and move, then work on getting the correct size.
    Some people in windows have the second monitor set to drag to the left and not the right, you will need negative numbers for the left, or positive for the right.

    3.) Backglass images:
    Have to look up each table, but they have a good set in the right format.
    "if we get mp4 support for motion/vid backglass below is a good link for those"

    4.) Run each table via command line.
    the below link is for PinballX frontend, but will show you what you need to use it for HyperPin as well.

    5.) Front ends for Cabs:

    PinballX = read up on them before deciding each has its Pro/Con,
    HyperPin =

    BAM =,16
    Good post on what it is and why you might want it. (advanced users)

    6.) Cab parts/builds:

    In the above 2 front end links, are several posts on builds, equipment, setup etc.
    I am not going to post or link anything you can find in those forums due to there is not one perfect post or build with everything you will want or need for a build, so take the time and read a few to figure out what you want.
    I will post 1-2 links that are less common to find in those forums that i found to have good items for a build. = good place for main boards, plunger ect. = good place for cup holders legs. = good place for assortment of buttons/switch's ect.

    7.) VP/FP table DB setup info:

    8.) Cab starting out guide.

    Again i don't say one build is better or worse than another, the below guide is a decent start if you have no idea about a CAB build and want a decent look into start from scratch guide as an idea of what it takes.
    I always suggest looking in each forum and look at several builds to get a good idea of what you want.
    There are several build guides in each forum and You tube ect.

    9.) Micro delay in FX2 games.

    You can do a google search and see there are a few complaints about a micro delay in the button push and paddle flip.
    This is in Steam and some console paddle users.
    There are several ideas as to why, alot have to do with V-sync settings, and TV refresh rate, graphics card pre-rendering.
    I myself was able to turn my TV to GAME mode and made 99% of my delay disappear.
    Here is an artical on it, again there are several just google and read a few if you have this issue. on page 2 in a link to another forum topic about it.
    If the GAME mode is not a quick fix for you and you try a V-Sync option, and you cant find that setting in your graphics card settings, (mine did not have it.) you can go to this page and install an add-on that allows more settings for you card. again dont do this on my suggestion, do it only after you read and plan to try it on your own decision.
    Here is a more drastic option some people on forums have tried. (i have not used this method.)

    In closing.
    This is not an end all post, just a quick link guide for some people who are having problems finding info.
    I did not want to spend hours making this post so i know i missed items.
    There are tons of links/posts out there do your own research, this is just to try to help you not decide for you.
    Feel free to post with anything important that i missed, just try to keep this Sticky clean, no need to clutter it with tons of posts or links unless it is something that is needed.
    Also best tip i can give anyone, go buy a HD to HD copier
    Then go buy a HD
    This will be the best $100 you will ever spend, then before you make any major changes, or get something setup and it is working correct, make a copy of the main drive. This will ensure you that you never make a change you regret.