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Visual Pinball vs FX3: Which Has Better Quality?

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  • Visual Pinball vs FX3: Which Has Better Quality?

    I've been playing Zen Studios Williams tables on mobile and Mac desktop since 2018. Obviously, a huge jump up in overall quality from TPA which I enjoyed immensely.
    I'm frustrated with the slow development of tables by zen and am looking for more variety. Obviously visual pinball offers that. I understand that a small group of experienced developers is in charge of table development at this point?
    Among the Williams titles zen offers, which tables
    bee tv film plus are better: Zen or VPX? Watching videos on YouTube, it's tough to tell without actually playing the tables. If you guys think there's some significant upgrade with VPX on the same tables, I think it'll be worth it.

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    It really depends on the table and the hardware you are using.

    VPX can be really really good, but it really depends on the table author(s). Some tables look lifelike and play amazingly, while others look and play poorly. It's very inconsistent. Some table authors are really dedicated in getting the very last detail down right, while others aren't. It just varies from table to table. However, if you don't have a good hardware setup, then you won't be able to enjoy it at all. The game requires a crazy amount CPU and GPU power to get the best experience.

    Zen's tables on the other hand, stay consistent accross the board (game or platform). You know what to expect from Zen with each new table release. Plus, the software has been optimized to work with a widerange of hardware on the computer and mobile versions.