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Rec for replacement 65" TV that works well with AppleTV 4k?

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  • Rec for replacement 65" TV that works well with AppleTV 4k?

    My LG 65" 4K LCD TV has a dreaded dead pixel with crosshair like lines permanently on the display as of this weekend. I need to at least stick with 65", if not larger. There is a lot of glare where we keep it in our Den because of the windows but don't want to drop the extra money on an OLED. Any current recommendations for replacements? I bought the current TV as an open box at Best Buy so it's our of warranty and I expect a fix to cost about half a replacement, so I might as well replace it now. I see Best Buy is always having sales on 4K TVs and it seems Costco prices are usually higher.

    I am debating whether to go to Samsung since our other TV is Samsung and we haven't had any problems with it, although I see from other people asking for advice, people typically recommend LG. One of the things I have noticed is the LG isn't controlled very well by the AppleTV (It doesn't turn it on/off) but the remote does. The Samsung we have is also only supportive of UHD on the primary HDMI input, which seems odd and I was curious how common that is. Any advice is appreciated! Will be going buy one later today.
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