Something cool just happened. Normally you only get Zen coins sporadically through the Daily Challenges most of the time you get parts and tickets and flipper and ball cosmetics. I did buy the 10$ 3 table pack from the previous update with Championship Pub and Safecracker ect. For the original tables like fish tales and the getaway I have all the parts for all those tables that I can get I upgraded a couple of tables to 4 stars through the coins I got just doing challenges and leveling up but the rest of the tables all have the parts they need to get to 4 stars just need the coins. Now when I do challenges I ALWAYS get coins. I've gotten them 8 or 9 times in a row yesterday doing the daily challenges. It appears that when you have maxed out the table parts you just always start getting coins. None of the challenges seem to give the 3 newest table parts those seem to be for now only given out in the Season 04 Table part hunt challenges they added.tweakbox appvalley