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Can anyone help with my flipper problem????

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  • Can anyone help with my flipper problem????

    I have recently bought a 1977 Star Explorer pinball machine. (I only bought it as like a start to getting pinball machines) But, whe, I first got it, it worked mostly fine. Sometimes the flippers wouldn't work, sometimes the bumpers wouldn't work, just little stuff. I have fixed all of that and had it working, until the flippers started jittering when I would press the button. I soon started seeing like flashes coming from under the table and saw a wire had been shorted and burnt and it had came unsoldered, so, I, soldered it back the same way. Unfortunately, after I did that the flippers never worked since and I tried doing all I can think to fix it and haven't made any progress. I had to replace a diode bridge rectifier that had burnt also from the short and it cause more problems as now none of the bumpers or anything that's suppose to move the ball. I'm stuck at this point and hope someome can help! If any pictures or anything are needed, please ask! Mobdro
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