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Help identifying a game from my past...!!

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  • shogun00
    Sounds like Orbitor 1.

    IPD IPDB Internet Pinball Machine Database Game Stern Orbitor 1 Widebody Flippers (2), Spinning bumpers (2), Slingshots (2), Standup targets (8), 7-bank drop targets (1), 3-bank drop targets (2), Spinning target (1), Kick-out hole (1), 2-ball multiball, speech. Clear, contoured plastic playfield has a 'moon surface'-like substrate. Playfield slopes down and in towards the spinning bumpers which fling the ball away. The playfield slopes behind the flippers, allowing balls to be flipped backwards and then rescued for a forward-flipping shot. The kick-out hole always traps the ball landing in it, until released for multiball. Dixie Rinehart Art Myers Joe Joos Jr. Joe Joos Jr.

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  • saviogomes
    started a topic Help identifying a game from my past...!!

    Help identifying a game from my past...!!

    Many years ago, I remember playing a space themed pin that had a playfield based on magnetic vortexes. If memory serves, the playfield was 3-dimensional and ‘warpy’, and completely empty except for targets along the edges. anyone recognize it, based on that description?